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  1. Can anyone explain what is correct when it comes to summer trail cameras and mineral licks on public land? Is it unlawful for me to dump out a gallon of "Buck Jam" on public land in mid July just to take inventory on the bucks in the area? I am not interested in hunting of bait in any form just for scouting purposes in the summer months. According to the Ohio DNR website it explains that you cannot place anything on public land that will "attract wild birds". Surely some buck jam wouldn't attract birds or any form of these minerals. I tried calling the OHIO DNR. I called twice last year because I was accidently cut off the first time. One person tried explaining that it was ok and ironically another person said they didn't think it was allowed but they were not sure?!. So I just didn't use any last year to be safe. Can anyone set the record straight?