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  1. Last opening day (Gun season) I shot a big 9 pt. across River! I relaoded my TC In-Line & crossed River,Buck laid down after being shot in thorn patch. (I found Blood right there) When I reached thicket, Buck busted out, & ten second later, I heard bang,bang,bang!!! I felt nauseated! The Buck ran right into the lap of a 22yr. old kid! I allowed Lad to tag this Deer! My ? is: Should I have discussed this scenario with this individual as the Buck laid down immediately (Would have ran off if lightly hit) or... did I do the right thing? What does Game Law say about this?22 Yr. old lad has rest of life to bag trophy,I,m 61! Did I have right to Tag Deer as I was in pursuit of Wounded Deer? Buck should score in mid 130's! I'd appreciate all comments please! Thanks,Dave Szablewski PS: Need Land to lease in Ashtabula Co.