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  • Youngin23
    Blog: Youngin23's blog. By Youngin23 at 11:32 AM.
    Me and two friends are looking for the needle in the haystack. We will hunt our normal aep land if that's all we can get. But we're looking for somewhere we can pay a trespassers fee or something on for 7 day period in November. Or places to lease for next season. Any and all I put will be...
  • Bryan six
    Blog: Bryan six's blog. By Bryan six at 9:48 PM.
    [IMG] Photography by O.S. member Wildlife, it reminded me of this morning!! It was a cool late October day, deep in the woods ahead, my climber still hangs at the base of the red oak!! This is one of those public land spots I have to play offense and defense on!! In early October,...
  • ohidan
    Blog: ohidan's blog. By ohidan at 8:54 PM.
    I have a 20x28 hewed log hunting cabin for rent with all utilities and full facilities available for the 2017 deer hunting season located near Chesterhill Oh. and 2 miles from the wolf creek wild life public hunting area which has 3600 acres of land. Will rent for $60.00 per day per person.
  • Bickbuck0514
    Blog: Bickbuck0514's blog. By Bickbuck0514 at 4:36 PM.
    We have 4 akc registered Slovakian kopov puppies. The American name is the Black Forrest Hound.these are great tracking dogs we currently use the mom and dad to track our deer. Can get you pictures
  • Blevins87
    Blog: Blevins87's blog. By Blevins87 at 12:45 AM.
    I just bought my first trail cam. Its a wildgame innovation illusion 12. From the review I have read I should have done some research first. Any of you guys have them? Are they really that bad?
  • May
    Blog: Siman08/OH's blog. By Siman08/OH at 3:44 PM.
    Ill update this post as the year continues. Every episode of SBO Live '17. [MEDIA] [MEDIA] [MEDIA] [MEDIA] [MEDIA] [MEDIA] [MEDIA] [MEDIA] [MEDIA] [MEDIA] [MEDIA] [MEDIA] [MEDIA] [MEDIA] [MEDIA] [MEDIA]
  • May
    Bryan six
    Blog: Bryan six's blog. By Bryan six at 3:49 PM.
    Copied and pasted with a different beginning from the thread girl hunters. I do not want to loose this memory!! My daughter is always having me check the thread, on O.S., filled with the pictures of girl hunters. It's a daily routine we go through and it makes me smile. Knowing that she gets...
  • bluedog
    [IMG] Procrastination part two. Part one was Squirrel season wrap up found HERE. Nothing like writing up small game season recaps in April one week before the start of turkey season. I’m having severe flashbacks to cramming for final exams. Unlike squirrel season, this past season of...
  • bluedog
    [IMG] I had good intentions of doing timely blog posts on my 2016-17 squirrel and rabbit seasons but you know what they say about good intentions. I don’t really remember well but it’s something about pavement and a road and a place that no one wants to go. In any case, it’s a week away from...
  • Bryan six
    Blog: Bryan six's blog. By Bryan six at 9:58 PM.
    Their fathers hell, did slowly go by. And feed them all your dreams, the one they picks, the one you know by!! Crosby, Stils, Nash and Young sang the some and sang it well together! I was very fortunate to grow up with a soundtrack. My parents always had music playing in the background and I...
  • Mar
    Bryan six
    Blog: Bryan six's blog. By Bryan six at 11:28 AM.
    Well this weekend a good friend from this site, Bilman, made his way down to Athens to do some night calling. After work Friday Bill packed the truck, drove to Athens and hunted until 4 a.m. Saturday morning!! We had a good drive between sets so I could keep us in some good sized fields for...
  • Mar
    Blog: bywayofthearrow's blog. By bywayofthearrow at 2:11 PM.
    [ATTACH] 2016 was a hunting season unlike any I had experienced in my prior decade of bowhunting. It wasn’t because I saw more game while in the field, though I wish that were the case. We’re on the downswing of many of our wildlife populations in my home state. My success came from becoming a...
  • Mar
    Blog: Siman08/OH's blog. By Siman08/OH at 7:31 AM.
    Over the years ive had alot of videos/films that just didnt make the cut for my final project at the time, or simply were filmed before i was putting together content. I also like to re-upload videos from the past every once in awhile. SBO Flashbacks allows me to do just that, and i hope you...
  • Mar
    Bryan six
    Blog: Bryan six's blog. By Bryan six at 10:07 AM.
    [IMG] Ray Six and deer camp!! Harvested in the once public Poston Salem lands As winter slowly moves toward the end of its season, the time change is upon us. The clocks will jump forward an hour but something still holds on by a thread in back of our minds. Refusing to give way to the new...
  • Bryan six
    Blog: Bryan six's blog. By Bryan six at 3:12 AM.
    "What else can I say, all apologies. What else can I write, I don't have the right." That was a nirvana song in the 90s as I was growing up. Nirvana songs were grunjrock somewhat, but more importantly somewhat poetically true!! People are judged on everything that they do now a days, and an...