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Zaleski boys

Discussion in 'Deer Camp Talk' started by johnc21, Dec 27, 2002.

  1. Hey Guys,
    What kind of luck have you guys had at Zaleski?

  2. good lick this year,went down today and hunted and saw deer. did not get any but found some more good areas

  3. It took our group a few years to figure out how to hunt the deer in Zalaski forest but we are finally getting there.Last year we took out two bucks,then this year we took out one buck and one doe.We are starting to see more deer in shooting range now it is just up to us to make the right shot.Our group will be combining together with another hunting group that hunts the same area next year for one big camp and i believe we have recruited some new comers for next year also you are more than welcome to join in on the biggest (Possible)hunting camp in Zalaski come nov. of 2003.If you need more details (but not secret spot)You have to come join the camp to get that info.just pm me and i will try and help as much as i can.
  4. I think you have to fully understand the lay of the land down there to hunt it effectively. It takes years to figure it out for yourself. So find someone who knows how to hunt that type of terrain, that's my suggestion.

  5. The Feud

    A Food Feud

    There might not be a camp this year for the deer camp boys. They are having such a feud its like the hatfields and macoys, and to just think it was started over "whats for dinner".

    Sure wish they will lay down thier guns and come to the table and eat what ever is fixed, but they are the Bad Deer Camp Boys.

  6. Everyone just settle down, I figure if worse comes to worse, we can just hunt for our own food and prep it ourselves. Hmmm .. Hmmm , how bout a FRESCA!
  7. hehehehehehe way to go Ray a fresca sounds good for deer camp:D
  8. I'm sure DJ will bring his BIG K cola again, so if you want a fresca, you'll have to carry my golf bag a few times this year. Then you can have one.

  9. Now wait a dang minute Ray

    When you asked me about the caddie stuff I thought I was going to be driving your Caddie to deer camp this year not carring your clubs and looking for your golf balls sorry not me your will have to Chevy Chase or Bill Murray or Dan Akroid they will be your best to chose from, you might want to ask C.D. because he is into Golf.:D Had to edit this because it did sound funny
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  10. There might not be a camp this year? What on earth are you talking about? There is always going to be a deer camp it just depends on who is there and who is not!
  11. who said there aint goin to be a camp.they need to be exiled.i will be at camp as long as there is a camp to go to.
  12. Dear_hunter said there might not be a camp this year. I think he needs mental therapy. What do you all think?
  13. yes get him some help.may not be a camp for him but will be for all the rest of us.:cool:
  14. Hey Spitfire

    I was just joking with you if I made you mad Im sorry it will never happen again I thought friends could joke with each other
  15. He does need help talking about holding someones golf club and balls. Jeez, what is this coming to?
  16. hey SPITFIRE i think you got another person stayin in your hotel if DEAR HUNTER keeps talkin that way:D
  17. Thats ok, my tent has two sides and they aren't connected. All the fruities can stay over on the other side with each other.
  18. Spitfire

    I was a caddie when I was younger and that is what a caddy does he carries the bag with the clubs an helps the golfer find the lost balls.:)
  19. Yea, ok! Whatever you say man, you don't need to explain to me.