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Youth hunting hours

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From the announcemnt by the DNR

"The Ohio Wildlife Council will also consider modifying youth hunting hours during the spring wild turkey season to one-half hour before sunrise to sunset. This change is intended to make spring turkey hunting competitive with the numerous recreational opportunities our youth have available to them today. "

I am all for this. I am wondering though if it is for the youth weekend or for the whole season?

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Wow that would be great for me, but I don't know if I could sit there all day, and it would require different techniques for the evening.
The proposed changes are for the weekend dates only...

SPRING WILD TURKEY: Open statewide (except on designated youth hunting areas) on the fourth Monday in April (26) (2004) through the fourth following Sunday, May 23. Hours one-half hour before sunrise to noon. Public hunting areas will be open to youth hunters (17 years old and younger) for turkey hunting on the Saturday and Sunday immediately prior to the regular spring wild turkey season (April 24 & 25, 2004). Hours for youth hunts will be 1/2 hour before sunrise to sunset. Limit 2 bearded turkeys per hunter per spring season.
I am not sure if I like it or not LOL
GREAT for the kids but now I may need to change my prices and make one for 1/2 day hunt and another for full day hunt :eek:
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