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Your Screen Name?

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by stelmon, Dec 16, 2002.

  1. So, what does everyone screen name mean?

    Mine is an easy one, salmon + Steelhead = stelmon:)
  2. Fish is what I've been called since I was a youngun.

  3. Man, I'm glad it wasn't crappie and steelhead! :D Twenty seven cats, 10 dogs, greyhound rescue, pound rescue, cat shelter foster home. Nuff said?? :rolleyes:
  4. LOL my screenname is shortened from the version I use on a few other boards which is WorthlessNut. That is what my Dad calls a buckeye. Either the tree or one from the state. Quite a few just called me Nut so............
  5. I live in Seneca county and I'm a bowhunter.:)
  6. I like the band the Eagles and like the song Desperado. I have had this name for years.
  7. I live on a farm & some people say I'm as big as a bear.There you have it.:D
  8. My name is Bill Gillis, the bill g part, and I added fish cuz that is what I love to do.

  9. I work in the medical field, and I got the name from a book years ago it was the nickname of a great army medic. I thought it was neat, and wanted something different.
  10. i think mine is kinda self explainitory;) when my buddies go fishing with me they say it's not a fishing trip,it's an "ADVENTURE":eek::rolleyes:
  11. Just don't call me Sue or late for any meal!!!

    Erie (as in Erie has been) ~ from the 40s & 50s with a Troller Dad that was on the Big Pond just about every weekend.

    :p :p
  12. LOL, I know of a few times Stelmon has been called craphead.:D Ask him about Wo-Man....:D

    Gun for hunting, rod for fishing.
  13. "thousandcasts" is taken from the title of my first book, The Fish of a Thousand Casts: Tales of Mischief and Mayhem in the Great Outdoors.
  14. j_blocker, I kept it pretty simple at to keep continuity across the net so all you wonderfull people out there know its me. J for jason and Blocker for well blocker my last name

  15. I fish for the mighty Flathead catfish, thus my name , plus I have a picture of a 40-lber on my avitar!
  16. I was going by weldblazer cause thats what Ive done for 12+ years, but now I go by getinjiggy Im learning how to make and paint my own leadheads! I can do all this right at my desk while Im surfing the net! Glenn
  17. Neapolis, a small town (very small) in northwest Ohio.

    I live just down the road.
  18. Bass , because thats what I fish for, & DAY are my initials.
    Bass DAY
  19. Don't remember that???:confused: :mad:
  20. Well Bubba is my name and my best hunting bud is my yellow lab Hunter. there you have it.