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Being new around here I thought I'd start a thread that could hopefully benefit newcomers to reloading. With enough responses popular equipment will show itself. My kit includes...
This list above is what comes to mind off the top of my head, it's pretty complete. There are a few handheld case prep type tools as well (primer pocket cleaning, for example, but they are little used due to using the rotary tumbler with pins). I make my own case lube (the common lanolin and alcohol recipe) but I may change to a dry application.

I am going to add non-powered powder dispensing and weighing capabilities.

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Ok ...
RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme single stage press
RCBS, Hornady, & Redding dies
Lee Factory Crimp dies
Forster Micrometer seating die (which was just sent back today for repairs)
Redding Competition seating Die (like much, much better than Forster)
RCBS Uniflow powder measure with micrometer adjustment & baffle
Lyman 1200 auto dispensing, digitally controlled powder measure
Redding 2400 micrometer controlled case trimmer
Hornady, collet-type bullet puller (yes, boys & girls, occasionally "stuff" happens)
RCBS universal de-priming die
RCBS digital calipers
RCBS Precision MIC gauge
Hornady COAL gauge w/several comparators
Lee hand held "XR" priming tool
Forster bench mounted priming tool
RCBS 750gr electronic scale
Frankford Arsenal powder funnel set (includes funnel-end fittings for almost all calibers)
Lyman universal reloading trays
Primarily, some exceptions, MTM or Frankford Arsenal ammo boxes
Plus the assorted necessities, primer pocket uniforming tool, de-burring ^ chamfering tool, flash hole uniforming tool, powder trickler,etc., etc.
Cabela's brand tumbler (2) & "sifter" (2)
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