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your most memorable bow fishing trip , lets hear it

Discussion in 'Ohio Bowfishing' started by carpwarrior, Jan 18, 2003.

  1. mine would have to be ,last year me and my boat partner were on the great miami river, we had boat problems one after the other, we didnt shoot one fish that i can remimber, but all of a sudden my guts were kiling me ,here we are out in the middle of the river no t.p.papper and i cant hold it any longer, so the next thing i do is out in the water i go, there i am in the water taking care of business next to the boat, mined you now that we are in site of a bridge and cars are comming by and the bike path is on the other side of the river and the next thing i hear is from my boat partner is there is two asian carps right behind you , i jerked arround and i didnt c a thing . finally i relized that it was my bare white butt he was talking about. so my boat name is asian a$$ carp now! lol
  2. wading the flooded flats from the hocking river.The water was muddy and all I could see many times was the "v" shape of the bad boy cruising in the water.I got at least 20 big carp.and permission to hunt the farmers land to boot.very good time

  3. it would have to be the first time caribou and i went out shootin carp.we were at this place and there was so many carp rollin it was tough to decide which ones to shoot at.but there have been a lot of good times goin out carp shootin.especially last year when we got the carp buster out for the first time and we chased them things for hours through the i was tired pushin the boat around all day but it was a blast.cant wait to do it again this summer.
  4. My most memorable bow fishing trip

    was when I took my son out for the first time to shoot some fish. He shot at lots of fish and kept missing them all. but he did give up and he finally got one it was about 2 pounds. He got it in and it was great to see his face light up. He got a few more and said he was tired and wanted to go. But the thing that sticks in my mind the most is when he told me "Thanks Dad for taking me bowfishing and helping me get my first fish." Just made me so proud of him.:)
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