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Your Favorite Turkey Calls

Discussion in 'Ohio Turkey Hunting' started by Maxwell, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. What is your favorite Turkey calls? Mine is a Vintage Pete Peters box call. I have a lot of box calls but this one is something special. I also made a Yelper from a corn cobb and a Bic pen for the mouthpiece. I like to use that yelper.

  2. A double sided pot call glass over slate that I made I have a box call made by a feller in WVA if I want to throw something a bit different
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  3. Thanks for the welcome Bill. Do you have a website for your calls? It takes talent and patience to make calls. I sure enjoy calling those Gobblers.

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  4. I do Have an out dated website Here is a turkey call I made the other day

    007.JPG 004.JPG
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  5. I have a few box calls that were made for me by a good friend in the state of Wis. Those and a vast array of pot calls are my "go to" calls that start the game. I then switch to mouth calls as the bird works closer. Here is a pic of the "pot call" display I made for my office wall.

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  7. Thanks
  8. Copper pot and glass pot over purple heart. I like purple heart and laminated strikers.
    Mouth calls: Cramer Calls.
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  9. The Purple Heart I bet looks good.

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  10. Yes it does. Nice raspy sound.
  11. Slate and crystal potcalls made by Dustin Jones in Beaver Ohio. A KP trumpet made of Blackwood. Mouth calls by Gooserbat calls. Also got a David Halloran crystal mistress that sings.
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  12. Also, I'm planning on picking up a Halloran box at the NWTF Nashville show
  13. Which ever one gets that gobbler to respond. I use mouth calls 95% of the time. Woodhaven used to be my call of choice. But I got a press and make my own now so I'd have to say a combo cut with prophylactic reeds.
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  14. I need a few more

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  15. Nice collection Turk. Is there one you don't have? lol

    Which is your favorite?

  16. The Blackstone crystal, KP trumpet, Gooserbat double bit mouth call..
  17. Or a Mark Sharpe river cane yelper, a Blackstone slate, and a Gooserbat Bacon mouth call.