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Your biggest bird or birds over the years..

Discussion in 'Ohio Turkey Hunting' started by cambridgezowie, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. My biggest birds I’ve gotten have come after 945am or 10 o’clock.. Just wondering about others experiences... I’ve killed them bright an early as well butt, my biggest is later in the day....10am and on...
  2. My big birds always come in the last week of the season.
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  3. Mines usally around that time last two weeks etc.. just later in the day.
  4. My biggest came at 10:30 on the last day of season. 11in beard 1 1/2in spurs. Only weighed 19lbs. Guess he ran some lbs off breeding before I killed him.
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  5. My biggest came at 7:15 A.M. on 04/20/15. He had 1 ¼” spurs that had just started to curve so I think he was a 3 year old. His beard was 9 ¼” with a lot of beard rot. He weighed in at 24 pounds 10 ounces.

    I have killed quite a few in the 18-23 lb. range & almost all of them were early morning birds with only a few in the afternoon.
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  6. D08087C5-4119-48C3-9D3D-92DFBE65D1AD.jpeg My biggest came in around 11:00 am. Weighed 22 lbs, 11 1/2” beard and 1 1/2” spurs. Came in quiet...not one gobble.
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  7. 826E4D18-315B-4EA4-A98B-86311398B2C4.jpeg That’s him mounted next to the red fox in full strut...
  8. I've never seen a red fox in full strut. That's pretty cool. (Hope you see the humor in that. lol) Nice mounts all.
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  9. My biggest bird his beard 9 1/4 inches but you could tell some of his beard had froze off the winter before we had many days below zero that year his spurs were 1 1/4 I shot him about 11 am this bird was a fighter he had spur marks all over him. He must have been done with the hen he left because he was on the run to me and he covered 50 yards pretty quick I shot him at 15 yards from me and she was still standing where he left her
  10. Lol. I guess my sentence structure is lacking!
  11. In my experience the bigger birds get killed later in the season . I have killed one legit 25# bird, several 24# birds , and a good number of 22-23# birds . Killed 4 with 1.5" Spurs , Killed 2 with legit 12" beards and a handful that were 11-12" .
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  12. My son killed one yesterday in Kentucky that weighed 26# (certified scales) it had a 10 1/4" bird and 1" spurs. The bird strutted 200yds across a pasture following 4 hens the evening before. The hens branched off about a 100yds to my sons right and went to roost. The strutter went down a valley and up a hill and flew up about 70yds to my sons left and gobbled his butt off until dark. We went in before daylight and put out a Avian jake and hen and sat up a pop up blind because of the rain. About 15-20 mins after we could see the decoys my son let out a couple soft tree yelps, no response, tried a little louder and nothing. We knew we were close enough, but I figured the tom got his butt wet all night and wasn't in a gobbling mood. About 20 mins after the soft yelps we see his head skirting the side of the hill rubber necking the decoys. He never gobbled, strutted or made a peep, but his head was fired up as could be. My son took a 26yd shot when he had a view from the beard was the end of rough wet weekend in KY.
  13. 11 1/2” beard is my biggest....still hoping to get one with a 12” beard. I’ve never killed one with a double beard either....I’d love to get one before i get too old to hunt.
  14. 23BC909F-85BC-4058-B8C3-0DDFDB43DA80.jpeg
    Shhhhhhhh........,::::.:::::::ttt lol actually here is last years... Turkeys round here like to have a good time...
  15. I've never killed a multi bearded bird either .
    Sure hope to someday like you said .
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  16. There is a lot more uniqueness with whitetail bucks than with turkeys. Turkeys are all about the same within a few pounds of one another and the spurs are usually about 1" average. Beards average 9" to 11" with an occasional longer one, and a few with multiple beards. Not a lot of difference in turkeys as there is with whitetail bucks!
  17. Bryan six

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    No not near as much!! You should plan a trip to bird hunt BB!! May as well start your Ohio career!!
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  18. Not excited about killing turkeys that much, just enjoy hearing and seeing them. That's why I enjoyed pre-season calling and filming in my younger years. When the season starts too many idiots hit the woods causing many unenjoyable hunts. I am not greedy and will be satisfied killing one bird in PA I could legally kill two if I bought the second tag but I feel that's for the greedy and the braggers. I don't like eating them and give away what I do kill. However I love venison chops and different types of bologna, and try to kill several deer a year. And most hunters I know kill at least two or three if they can in PA. I appreciate the offer Bryan but will never state hop for a turkey. I also have used nearly all of my fire wood up this never ending winter and want to get the supply built back up before I get too involved with catching trout, and a little turkey hunting. I was going to cut wood today but it is winter again and nasty here. It is 2:50 pm and we have a whiteout blowing through the area right now. Good luck at your end.
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  19. Buck Buster: I could legally kill two if I bought the second tag but I feel that's for the greedy and the braggers. try to kill several deer a year."

    So, according to you, those of us who choose to kill more than 1 turkey are greedy & braggarts but you can kill multiple deer & you are not greedy or a braggart. Makes 1 go HMMMMMMMMMMMM!!
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