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Your BEST late season deer tactics?

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by Ohio Bill, Dec 29, 2002.

  1. I was just wondering how you all hunt during the late season? Any tips would be greatly appreciated.:cool:
  2. most of my late season huntin is done mainly around good food sources.went to an area last night and they have a bean feild all tore up.tracks all over this place.and you can see where they have dug in snow to eat.

  3. I have heard hunting near food or close to bedding areas is the best technique as they will come out of the food sources and bedding areas but they won't be as active or go as far from them.
  4. another question???

    I hunt very near a alphalfa field...right now its turning brown....very little green.....will the deer still hit it?:confused:
  5. Yes, they will still come in. Just stay there or move closer to the field. Thats where I would late season hunt. Find another food plot in the area and hunt there if no action at that one.
  6. CritterGitter

    CritterGitter Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    I have found that generally the deer are not very comfortable in fields during day light hours this time of year. I prefer to hunt afternoon/evenings on a good stand of red oaks. White oaks are hot when dropping but they rot quickly and the red oaks keep pretty well so that is what I key on. Also, I have read & heard that corn is a hot food source late as it is the highest source of carbos which is a whitetail's greatest nutrient need this time of year. There's my 2 cents worth.
  7. I prefer to hunt ridge lines where there is abundant oak trees.
  8. oak trees

    I hunt a tight cluster of red oaks on some public land near my house. As soon as this rain dies down, i'll be out there as much as possible. Good luck to you.