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You are an eBay Addict when...

1. You've been late for work because an auction ended when you would've been on the road.
2. You set all the clocks in the house to eBay time.
3. You become upset when your feedback doesn't change for more than a day.
4. You've bid on items you don't even want just so you can bid on something.
5. You've bid way more than an item is worth because you couldn't stand losing it.
6. You've bid the most you want to pay for an item and then when you lost said ''I would've paid what he bid!''
7. You check your auctions more than 30 times a day.
8. You brag about sniping and winning auctions with 0 minutes 0 seconds left to go.
9. You schedule dates around times when auctions are ending.
10. You list as many auctions as possible to end during the eBay outage so you can get an extra day listing.
11. The most sleep you get is during the eBay outage.
12. You are thinking, "I can't wait to finish this list so I can print it out."
13. Your friends who aren't on eBay are no longer cool.
14. Your new pickup line is ''How high is your feedback?''
15. You send payment for an item by PayPal 3 seconds after the auction ends.
16. Your signature file reads "Don't forget to leave feedback for me!''
17. You refer to the time before you were on eBay as "The old days.''
18. TV no longer is of any interest to you.
19. You buy more items to sell than for yourself.
20. You've torn up the phonebook for packing material.
21. You are on a first name basis with the mailman and everyone at your local post office.
22. There are more orange slips in your mailbox than letters.
23. You end all the feedback you leave with A++++++++++++++++++.
24. You've walked around your house looking for items to sell.
25. You get very upset when you are sniped while trying to snipe.
26. You are reading this list for the 2nd time.

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Funny...But true..:D ;)
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