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coll, i live in toledo but willing to drive to hunt. i used to go to la su ann to hunt squirel a lot. im trying to get into coyoty hunting but dont know much about it. would you be willing to share some knowledge with a guy???

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Take a little time to read some of the info on this forum:

Lot's of info and an all around good bunch of guys. :cool:

The short version:
* Full camo...on everything.
* Watch the wind direction. Stay down wind or at a crosswind.
* Centerfire weapons, if you're serious about killing. There's no such thing as overkill...dead is dead. :cheeky-smiley-022:
* Motion decoys make a big difference in getting the coyote(s) to commit to the call and it takes their eyes off of you and/or your location.
* Scent control is a must.
* Make your entire approach as quietly as possible...including clicking the doors shut on the vehicle, loading weapons, etc. Metalic sounds will freak out any self respecting coyote.
* If you hunt in pairs, work out some hand siginals...no talking. Human voices are not natural to any wildlife.

Good hunting, Bowhunter57
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