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Yet Another.

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by zfish, Dec 16, 2002.

  1. Lol well I already have 2 deer in the freezer this year and this morning I got a call from my girlfriends mom saying that she hit a deer the next road down. So we got a report made up and I got to get a 3rd deer this year.. Im trying to get one of all the ways. Lol Im up to bow, gun and car for this year :D It was a massive 6pt.. When she hit the deer it busted on side of the rack off. If I can get pics of it I will. I have 2 pics of the deer hangin in the tree but there is no rack on it. All this was done before I even got to go to work. Not a bad morning at all.
  2. Nothing wrong with a little roadkill stew(especially venison):D

  3. I'm with Nut on this. Nothing wrong with deer roadkill.
  4. I agree.

    Lol most was sliced into jerkey for me. I make it from there they just slice it. Desperado if we end up meeting up anytime soon Ill have some jerkey ready to go.
  5. I'm with the rest of them not a thing wrong with road kill deer. Better than beng lift to rott or be hauled off to the dump. Shame more people don't take them after they have been hit. ;)
  6. My wife got two with the Blazer last year before I got one with my bow, I hate it when she shows me up.
  7. Your gonna need all the meat you can get for Jerky if it goes as fast as the last batch :) The batch you gave me is almost gone!
  8. same here.. mine is almost gone too.. im really enjoy munchin on it while computing..:D