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WOW! Hydroglow lite

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by LakeRaider, Dec 28, 2002.

  1. Do any of you guys have one? I was going to buy one till I saw the price. Does the green lite really work better? They look like a nice piece of equiptment but the price kinda fooled me. What do you guys think? LakeRaider::""
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  2. Looks like a great product, but man that price is just too high into outer space for my needs.

  3. shop around and you can probably find some cheaper.
  4. Gonna have to see it work first hand before I would put that kind of money up for it. Kind of looks like a florencent work light with a green waterproof case over it made to float.

  5. Price scares you ? much does a day one your hydro cost to run ?? I've heard of your toys, not cheap !;) You get one, if you don't like it, I'll give you $50.00 so you won't lose it all !!
    I wonder how that would do in the river with the current. I don't think it would help catfishing, but it might be the ticket for hybrids & stripers. What do you think ? Of course that's one more thing in the boat. For a die-hard crappie guy like you, I'm surprised you aren't giving us a report. Are you going to get out on the 1st? I want to hit the creek, but now my son wants to hit our "new spot";)
  6. Lights

    Basspro carries a submersible green flourecsent light for about $25.00
  7. Mr.Feesh

    You're absolutley right, I can afford that green light so I put it on Reds credit card. Hehehehehe! She read this thread and said she's going to have to have a long talk with you guys. lol Raider"" :eek: