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Wounded animal tracking help

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by Basementdweller, Jan 13, 2003.

  1. I have mentioned this in other forums but got laughed off the page. I was wondering if anyone else was interested in creating a list of people to help track and locate arrow/bolt hit whitetails.

    I know of a lot of people who have lost deer because of poor tracking or they have no idea how to do it. I know that I have offered before and that offer still stands. I am willing to help anyone in the central ohio (Newark, Delaware, Circleville, London)area track a wounded whitetail hopefully to a successful recovery. Maybe even further away on weekends and if it is a special deer

    Anyone interested in creating a list like that next deer season? BUT....I will only help during archery season only please. My personal safety is first.
  2. sounds good if u have the time....its better then letting the animal go and waste

  3. Sounds like a good idea..I would join if you get it up but I do work alot and have limited time
  4. Good Idea!

    This sounds like a good idea. Although I have never needed help in tracking a deer (and hopefully I won't), I know several people that have hit deer (especially early bow season) and either come very close to not recovering them, or unfortunately not recovering them at all. I would be interested in helping. Granted I'm not as seasoned as some people, but I am confident in my abilities, and four eyes are better than two!:cool:

  5. I've helped lots of people find deer. Just let me know and we will find the deer!!;) :p
  6. I think that's a great ideal!!!!!

    Too you didn't post this thread a few weeks ago. I could have used some help tracking a deer I lost.

    How much time do you need off to come down to SC and help? :)

  7. A lost deer is a terrible thing to waste :(
    More hunters should learn tracking techniques and less deer would be lost. I've found deer that I back tracked and found where they were 1st hit :mad:
    The best solution we had was not allowed under the law but in this instance we always said screw the law... It was an old redbone that simply loved to run deer and not much else. My buddy had this dog and when it turned out to be a deer runner he gave it away only to find out his kids already loved it and his wife was making him sleep on the couch LOL
    So we'd hear of a deer that was lost due to a bad hit or whatever reason and that dog, on a leash, would recover 90% of the hit deer easy... Illegal YES unethical I'd say not... That dog is gone now but sure did save many a hunter from losing a deer. Once word got out that dog became famous :)
  8. Well thunder if you gotta roof and a couch I am game for about anything.
  9. and pay for the gas tf.Sounds like a good idea.If I BE FREE,I WILL BE THERE OR BE SQUARE.
  10. Tracking deer with a dog is illegal in Ohio, did not know that.Should not be that is one good way to save alot of deer and alot of worring.I saw a show in texas were a guy had a dog that was good at tracking and this guy was calledabout every night it said tho help oput a hunter finda deer,Heck i think he ended up turning this int oa business and making some cash off it.But thistracking thing sounds like a great idea maybe post a page here with everybodies name that is willing to help so if you need help all you have to do is click on the area or county you are in and find someone name.I know i hunt other areas and sometime the guys that hunt that piece all the time know were they go when hit.i would be glad to help out not saying i'm very good at it but another set of eyes is better than one set.
  11. Already knew that ;)
    DNR scared we may use them for hunting which is prob well founded in their fears cause I'm sure someone would.

    I hunted behind dogs in SC and can say its no gimmie... The area we hunted was so thick only an animal could get in there!!!
    Hey that is how they have hunted for years and who are we to say it is not a fair chase way to hunt deer? These are the same hunters who will come to our aid if we ever come under fire here in Ohio as far as hunting goes so to that I say to each his own as long as the game commision says its legal then do it :D
  12. I'm all for it, let me know when & where to sign up! Like CD2 said it helps to have more than one set of eyes, but to many can hurt the situation more than help. Two maybe three people on the blood itself is more than enough. If there are more people than that the trail starts getting disturbed and thats the last thing you want. If there are more than 3 people, the guy that knows the land should take the others and check field edges, fence crossings, creek bed crossings & similair places out away from the area last blood was found. If anybody ever needs help I am more than willing to lend a hand or an eye!
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