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Would you pay to have acces to rivers and streams

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by flathunter, Dec 31, 2002.

  1. Yes I would pay

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  2. No I would not

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  1. I wanted a few thoughts, I have alot of water in my area that I just cant get to, some nice spots on the Scioto River...All my request to gain access were denied..Untill one landowner said I could access the river from his property for 700 dollars a year...I said no thanks.
  2. 700 dollars a year? I think I would tell that guy to kiss my bass. lol I would imagine that he thinks he has the best water around. Are you talking wading right of way or bank sitting for catn'. I could see paying maybe a little bit but nowhere in that range. Maybe 20 bucks or so if it is proven waters.


  3. No I just wanted to take my son and bank fish, there is about 3 farms that controll, appx 15 miles of good fishing spots for cats..None of them fish they just wont let anybody else..Oh well it's there right, my loss.
  4. I guess we do in a way. We have to buy a fishing lic. to fish in them.
  5. I don't know what the laws are in regarding access issues here in Ohio. Think I would start to see what they are....

    But I wouldnt ever pay tohave access to fish anywhere. Yes in certain ways I would get stuck doing it. But not $700 for 1 year.
    There are way too many places we go that we fish without paying for access.

    Of course I might pay that for hunting. :D ;) :( :eek:
  6. it's real hard for them to say no if you're in a boat!
  7. yep. I was thinking the same thing.
  8. Lance

    Lance Super Mod Mod


    The bad part is this also applies on rivers like Conneaut Creek or the Chagrin also and those are tough to float.... This is the same law that PA uses and there are plenty of nice waterways over there that have been posted or pay-to-play for trout and smallmouth.
  9. No boat here, just like to bank fish.

    I wonder who voted yes:rolleyes: It was THE CATKING!!! Come on guys, say I have a 1 mile access to some of the best fishin around. Say I wanted 200 dollars for you to have the run of the river. Only you. Bank Fishermen;) You wouldn't even consider it? Same as paying for a water front camp site for the year. Except you will be the only one on my land. Well, flathunter, I'd charge you 500$;) :D :D DA KING!!!:)
  11. Nope. I'd take that $200 and buy me a float tube or something so I could float down the river you wanted to rent me and flip you off. :p :( :D

    J/K. I see what you're saying King, but I think this is a biased vote.

    We all (well except you) chose not to, but I think if the circumstances were different and noone could fish at all in any river, and then you ask this question, then we'd all be thinking different.

    As it is now, we can fish w/o paying and don't want to see a change. jmo.
  13. Depending on the cost and how often I would access the water would be the biggest factors for me. I look at what I pay for a license to fish public waters and to me it's a great deal.
  14. Heck yea King...

    I'll take ya up on that one..$200 to fish behind your house all year(thats ALL year) for smallmouth bass in that stream..have them all to myself...count me in brother!
    (where do i sent this cash too? send me a map of how to get to your place Cking!;) )

    Jack, man $700..that is steep considering there is bridge access SOMEWHERE all along that river..and like the guys said i'd take that $700 and put together a nice Jon boat and float in to "out of the way" spots and fish from sand and gravel bars.
  15. Depends

    If you could get an exclusive, no one else could fish it, and the area was large enough, I'd have to consider it. You said 3 farms control 15 miles? How much does he control? Tell him you want to survey the spot first, maybe even fish it before putting out the money. If it looks good, then talk turkey. You could get guys like me to pay a fee to you to fish it with you too !!
    Maybe talk him down to $500 and draw up a contract so if you found other's there or signs of others fishing, he'd have to refund you. At $500 it's about $10 a week, not much for an exclusive lease. I know a guy who leases the rights to a golf course, has access to the Little Miami river, and bow hunts deer there. He can legally run people out bank fishing the river if he feels like it.

    As for this
    You don't need a float tube to do that !!
    Flats, his section of the river has been worked over by his trotline using relatives, so save your money or send it to me as a downpayment on this bridge I got for sale in Brooklynn, good access to stripers there too ! :eek:
  16. No .. I would not pay .. "Yet"!!

    There are still plenty of uncrowded streams in Ohio open to access by the public where landowners allow fishin' or that is public land. But as the population grows the days/areas are numbered for access for sure. I also believe in a landowners right to his property & to set his own rules as long as he/she follows State & Fed Guidelines. Landowners are a diversified group from peta treehuggers to Joe Blow with lots of Huntin'/Fishin' Buds & piles of bottles/trash on his property(the two extremes) ... they worked & sweated for it & I have no right to tell them how to run it ~ just gotta go with the flow & remember to live & let live.;)
  17. Well I am sure you guys know how I feel on this subject..I dont feel anybody should be allowed to own land clear to the edge of a public waterway....But I know that will never happen
  18. dont feel bad Jack

    I just found out one of the prime wading areas i have had the pleasure of fishing since high school(owned by the Mars Corp., yea the candy bar people) was just bought out by the state:mad:
    This guy owned 350 acres on both sides of this stream...and the state also bought out 250 acres right above this property too...this stream is way to fragile to handle PUBLIC pressure and will very soon be ruined of all fishing!!
    The state hasnt started any building YET, so im going to be fishing it hard through out this winter and early spring to enjoy it while it lasts..when the word gets out...its going to be sad:(

    Sad thing is they just built a big park just 20mins north of my prime fishing areas that opened up access to another creek...its great that this land is now "protected" from any comercial bulding by fatorys and such...but its a waste cause now thiese areas will be destroyed by ignorant anglers looking for table food!

    I guess the only good thing to come out of this news was it happened right after i just got permission to about 10 spots of private land all along the same stream but much farther south that will never be bought out by the state!!!