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Would you donate & how much

Discussion in 'Ohio Catfish Anglers' started by atrkyhntr, Jan 18, 2003.

  1. None at this time

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  2. $1.00

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  3. $5.00

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  4. $10.00

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  5. More

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  6. Only help support

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  7. Never

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  1. Howdy all...
    If we were to start our foundation for the
    Catfish Anglers Society or whatever name we end up choosing what amount, if any can we count on you to donate for the purchase of a domain name and server to create and mantain a website?


    Can the moderator or Steve make this thread sticky PLEASE ?
  2. Sure

    I'm in here. There was alot of talk and posts. There was actually only 12 votes in the other poll. Like it was said, $10.00 ea will make it happen. Let's put our money where our mouths are.
    If some want to hold back and wait, then maybe we need to debate this more and be clear on our objectives. I think there was some misinformation early that it was about banning commercial fishing. It is not about that. Ohio only has commercial fishing in the Erie District.
    If it's to recognize catfish as gamefish, all cats, or flatheads. I think we need to discuss that some more.
    Quite frankly, flathead anglers are a minority, while channel cat fisherman are the majority. Just stop & think how many times you catch channels but not flatheads.
    With that in mind, there would be enough anglers involved with support -financial & otherwise to get them protected. Also if we go for all 3, maybe they will concede and protect only flats. If we go for flats only, we could lose that & in the real world, there won't be enough support to even propose it.
    My proposal would be to have flatheads, channel cats and bluecats(if & when they are removed from endangered status) all protected under the same set of regulations. Nothing is written in stone, but I think a 10 fish DAILY limit is plenty. With only one over 30" can be kept and none over 40". By limiting no catfish over 40" harvested that would give extra protection to flatheads & missidenetified blues thought to be channels. There are always going to be those anglers who really don't know the difference in a flat, a channel & a blue. I would refer you to this post I made with pictures of various catfish.( click here )
    What would this regulation do ? It would protect your honey holes from being fished out with methods other than rod & reel. Trotlines, limblines, etc would still be permitted, only NOW the HARVEST would be limited to 10 fish & no huge flatheads would be removed.
    Yellow bellies, madtoms, bullheads would remain as they presently are- unprotected.
    So far as the netting in the Ohio River. This would not have anything to do with that. Apparantly the river belongs to KY & IN, not Ohio and unless there was legislation to change how paylakes are supplied, that resource will continue to be ravished.
    Here's my thoughts on that. When Ohio makes cats a gamefish, maybe the Ohio River regulations would be altered with the bordering states.
    Now, we're going to need the support of cat anglers from other states to get it done in the Ohio River. Wouldn't it be nice if the Ohio River was like the James River in VA where a common day is 8 fish over 20# and a 40-60# fish stretches your line every other time out ?
    So in my mind, we need to have a name that for our non-profit organization that can get national support for catfish. Then by pooling our resources we would have some clout. Who knows, maybe someone retired out in the desert might donate back to us because of childhood memories, etc. I think this is a case of bigger is better. 1,000 emails, or 10,000 emails from anglers and concerned people all over the country & from states where the cats are already protected might turn some heads.

    By limiting our creel sizes and length limits, we will be putting the breeders with the good genes back to reproduce more and larger fish. There would still be plenty of fish for those who want to stock their freezers too. Looks like a win-win situation !
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  3. We're just testing the waters here...

    No money will be collected...

    I simply am seeing what kind of support we may have in the future, whether that future is near or far... we need to know if we're waisting our time here or if we have serious minded fisherman interested in a great cause or our we simply having a good conversation...

    My time is very very precious as I am sure many others here is too...

    I have little left that I can call my own thus if I am going to become involved I'd like to know where everyone stands at this point in time :D

    Looks like we are regulating the Ohio River with a few other states... Found this on the Indiana website but could find nothing listed on the others so I'll dig a little deeper when I have time:


    Ohio River Regulations

    Sport Fishing on the Ohio River

    These regulations are the result of a cooperative effort by Indiana and five other Ohio River states. In many cases, these rules differ significantly from other laws and regulations in Indiana. These rules and regulations apply only to the main stem of the Ohio River and do not include any tributaries or embayments, where general Indiana fishing regulations apply.

    A person holding an Indiana fishing license (resident or non-resident), or is exempt from having a license in Indiana, may fish from either bank of the Ohio River, or any part of the main stem of the Ohio River by boat. The interstate reciprocal license agreement with Kentucky does not apply to tributaries of the Ohio River in either state. To fish the tributaries you must obtain a license from that state.

    While fishing for sport fish, you may use poles or hand lines, float fishing methods, set lines with one single or multi-barbed hook, or up to two trot lines with no more than 50 single or multi-barbed hooks per line. These lines must be spaced at least 18 inches apart. Trot lines must be checked at least once every 24 hours.

    Nothing listed on commercial fishing that I could find to date anywhere hmnmmnn :(
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  4. If I saw that a serious, well thought-out approach was being made, I'd definately donate time and money to the cause.
  5. I would gladly donate 20 bucks for starters.
  6. DavidWS10 is looking hard into procuring the paper work needed to submit for non-profit... THANKS DAVE !!! :D
    I have already started a website template and can use some information for same:
    Need as much info as possible on flathead-channel-blue cats to start... each will have their own webpage with information unique to each species... Anything that looks like a college thesus would do just fine LOL ;)
    Plenty of good info right here
    if you know how to copy/paste something into an email :cool:

    Here is a little look at the website template.. you'll see the color scheme but not much more:

    Looks like if we wanted to get a server it would cost us 2 bucks each tops the 1st month cause we'd need $12.00 to get the domain name and another $9.95 for the server and less then a buck each month after that :D
    I'd say we're getting a better deal then 10-10-220
    What we have 12 donating so far.... :cool:

    I dare say we're making some progress .....

    mrfish/OH can you make somethign that would go on our front page to the effect of what we're all about.. you'v pretty much done that in a couple post already ;)
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  7. Is this site going to remain on geocities???Reason is I had my catfish site on there a couple years ago, and they really limit your bandwidth, so if you to to many hits in a day they will shut your site down for the rest of that day.
  8. "YIKES"

    Not in this lifetime :eek: LOL
    I simply use that account to play around when creating code/webpage templates and it also makes a nice place to store stuff freeing up space on my hard drive LOL...

    What we can do is something that looks like this: except the main pages will look something like the above template located here:

    Do check out the link members link:

    This members link has an interactive user feature that can really kick in a website... I have the software already... I also have the software to create a forum if we so choose at any point and time ;)

    As of now I have 3 accounts with over 1000 web pages and over 100,000 unique hits each and every month on Focal Hosting Solution servers.... Never a problem and they never shut you down for any reason and I have even been up to 2 mos late on payments!!! (dang sponsors LOL)

    Check out what they offer
    Really SUPER support :D

    So for not even a buck each a month we can move forward and be ready when David has the info for nonprofit status which I have learned can take anywhere from 5-6-7 mos after submission of same... Gives us a nice head start on things I would say....
    Notime is ever better then now ;)
  9. I would be willing to donate money and time to help the effort.;)
  10. im sorry i dont really have any free time but i would be willing to donate $20.00
  11. Mrfishohio,I just want to say I agree with you on the length limits.But after talking to many catmen around northwest Ohio the same question came up many times.What would someone do if they caught a new state or world record fish and were not allowed to keep the fish to verify it because of the lenght limit?Many of the people I talked to would agree on a limit of one fish over 35 inches.This is what I have learned after talking to many people over the last two years.
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