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Working with beagle pups

Discussion in 'Ohio Small Game Hunting' started by mudkings, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. Is anybody working with a beagle pup at the moment. Ive been working with a female thats 3 months old and shes slowly coming along. Im just taking her out with my old dog every chance i can get. Ive never taken a pup to a starting pen was just wondering how many of you have used them and if it was worth it. I like the method im using now but like hearing different opinoins. Thanks
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  2. We were fortunate enough to run our 2 with older dogs their first year. They learned well. Had a problem with running deer for a couple of years, but the use of a shock collar cured that.

    Short sessions in the field/hunting the first 2 years helped. When they seemed bored or pretty tired, we called it a day.

    Its amazing how their natural rabbit chasing instincts took over!

  3. Thats pretty much what ive been doing. She shows a little more progress each time we go out. Its been fun watching her

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  4. Hey, new to forums. I've been working with 2 pups,they're a year old now.I've taken em out since they were 10 wks. I've had a blast watching them come along. Haven't run with older dogs yet, but hope to soon. They did run a deer this weekend, any thoughts on breaking scents?

  5. Wolfe

    Scents don't work, you need an E -collar.

    I grew up in Park Layne. I now live in Dayton, I usually have to work weekends, and my days off are sporadic. You're more than welcome to run with me when our schedules meet I can help you.
  6. I'll get my 10 week old next wkend. The frustration, I mean fun begins then. lol.
    I love working with pups, but you have to have patience that's for sure.

    I've taken one to a starting pen that I knew was ready to open. I should have waited 1 more day because she started the day after I dropped her off. I love hearing a pup open for the 1st time. Especilly if its mine :)

    I will start this new pup myself. My fellow club member and friend is getting a litter mate plus another pup about a week apart from mine. We'll have fun starting them together.
  7. Anybody ever try to live trap rabbits. Thought it might be fun to have around with this pup. Id like to turn a wild rabbit loose to her and see how she does. Ive got a live trap for coon but have never tried to catch a rabbit. If so what do you bait them in with.

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  8. I dont know about the legalities regarding trapping live ones. I started my beagle with the hot dog game and then a domestic rabbit.

    Im having a problem breaking him of squirrels right. We had squirrels in the yard CONSTANTLY at our old house and they drove him nuts, so he has developed a habit of searching for squirrels now.

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  9. I was hunting a junkyard with a buddy one morning and the dog hopped a bunny, the rabbit ran into an old car the had a door half open. We threw the dog in the car and shut the think a car at the drive in movie rocks pretty good? It was hilarious.

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  10. Thats funny. I would love to have seen that. I hunt a woods that has alot of old equipment sitting around and we jump rabbits out of them but never had one inside

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  11. Stuff like that is the best. Some of the best bunny hunting I have ever found is on farms with small junk yards or old equipment laying in the brush. I always try to get permission in places like that when I see them.

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