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Woodbury Wildlife Area Camping

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My name is Kevin and I am an Administrator of a group titled " Save Woodbury Camp Ground ". You can find us on Facebook. Long story short, the ODNR had closed the campground many of have used for many many years. Personally for me its been near 50 years now. Two years ago we argued our case and had it reopened for aprox. 6 weeks covering part of bow season through deer gun season. There is now hope of having it opened for a longer period of time that would cover the complete bow hunting season through Spring Turkey season. A proposal is going up before the Wildlife Council. This proposal can be found by going to the ODNR website. Proposal No. is 1501: 31-9-02. You should be able to start posting comments there soon. I would encourage all outdoors folks to please leave a comment there and to join our Facebook page SAVE WOODBURY CAMP GROUND, Coshocton, Ohio. We need your support. The camp was closed for many reasons. ALL of which were disproved by our group. Folks, we need You to stand up, speak up. It takes nothing but a few minutes of your time.

Feb 14, 2018
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Ill first say that I'm new to the hunting, fishing, and wildlife lifestyle, we all somewhere right? And I have been wanting to try it out for my cross country trip. I can figure out the fishing part but to cook the fish on the campgrounds. What are the rules regarding that? I don't think making a fire with wood/dead leaves and flint would be permitted. How would i be able to cook the fish without breaking any rules or law? Thanks!
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