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Winchester 9422......

Discussion in 'Reloading, Target Shooting, and Firearms' started by RGJZ06, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. I owned a 9422 in the late 70's or early 80's, can't remember when. I picked it up at a gun store in Baltimore, Ohio. Had the guy order it for me. I used it for tree rat hunting, just used the open sites. It was a very nice gun. Very well made, fit and finish was tops. It could knock a fly off a fence post. Long story short, I sold it. I only had it a few years.

    There has been only two guns that I really missed after I sold them. One was the Winchester 9422 and the other was my Remington 1100 slug gun. I loved both of them, took game with both and for some reason, sold both.

    I found a "good enough" 1100 in a friends gun shop in north Florida. I fixed it up. added a slug barrel and replaced a few parts. It's a beautiful gun now for something to use gun hunting in Ohio.

    Now I need to replace that 9422 that I sold. I'm looking on line now for one and boy are they expensive. Has anyone on the site bought guns through Guns America or an outfit like them?

  2. I have bought many things off of Gun Broker always with good results.

  3. Thanks Fred. I was just now looking on their site along with gunsinternational.

  4. I have a,9422 that I might be interested in selling/trading...let me know if your interested

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  5. Found a new, in-the-box 9422 over in northern Indiana. Should be at the farm next week. My firearm's family should be complete with this new arrival.

    Thanks for the help and the comments.

  6. Magnum?
  7. No .22lr

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  8. How much you willing to give?

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  9. Depends on how far I have to drive, also is it an XTR? Checkered, what kind of condition etc..
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  10. Not xtr, in excellant condition, if I can't get $500 ill keep it

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  11. This has taken longer than expected. Hope it's worth it. Monday should be the day. If I can take some good pic's I'll post them on here.