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Will Ohio every ban baiting deer?

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Will Ohio ever ban baiting deer?

Anybody think this will be something ODNR looks at, does it even matter?

Topic was on my mind after talking with a couple neighbors who are gonna bait for a late season buck.

I know some think its unethical, thats not what im thinking about, but whether it effects the deer kill alot, and whether DOW will ever outlaw the practice.
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and for the win.....CWD, that the Amish started!!:rolleyes::ROFLMAO:
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We can only hope baiting will be banned
Way too many negatives with baiting Period

"wrong as usual" - hardly. I may in fact have been incorrect. And I imagine you, Mrex, got pretty excited to see I posted something incorrect. I don't recall you EVER winning a debate on harvest trends. It must be frustrating to be on the wrong side of that argument. Anyway, I'm glad my error brought a smile to your face. Anyone that hears the bones of 25 year old skeletons rattle has probably had a less than ideal day. Glad I could help, you're welcome.

Perhaps baiting deer has been legal in Ohio since our first modern deer season, I don't know. What I do know is I don't recall it ever being mentioned in the hunting regs, promoted if you will, until 15-20 years ago. There is no doubt it is a very effective method of harvesting deer. If it weren't, why would so many be buying corn by the truck load? Late season hunting is now particularly effective due to corn piles. Folks kill a lot of deer over corn in January, it has increased the success rate tremendously. If I were the DOW and wanted to reduce deer numbers (their publicly stated goal), I would want to point out that baiting IS legal...and I believe that is what happened, and is the reason for the current popularity of it. People that had never baited tried it, found it worked, and use it as a primary tactic now.
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