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    Copied and pasted with a different beginning from the thread girl hunters. I do not want to loose this memory!!

    My daughter is always having me check the thread, on O.S., filled with the pictures of girl hunters. It's a daily routine we go through and it makes me smile. Knowing that she gets inspiration from seeing other girls being successful in the world of hunting. The pictures are proof to her that she can do what I do and hopefully we are inspiring other girls to get out and hunt too!! Yesterday, we finally talked mommy into going hunting with is. We had fun, but the turkey hunting was a bust. A few minutes after we returned from the woods, I found Averey putting my camo paint on her favorite dolls face! Still in the camo clothes that she refused to take off, I learn the reason why!! I proceed to ask her, "what are you doing averey?" She looks up with a big smile, "im taking my baby turkey hunting". She was not kidding around, she was insistent that they were going hunting. "But we just got out of the woods, we are done turkey hunting for the day". " You said we could only hunt turkeys untill lunch time dad, and mommy said it isn't lunch time for another 80"!! Laughing I say to her, " you mean sixty minutes baby, there are sixty minutes in an hour, not eighty". "Yea that's what I ment" she says laughing and shaking her head. "Ok, have fun and stay away from the road". "I know that already dad", she says laughing as if I should know better to remind her. I go back to pruning the rose bushes, and she goes back to painting her dolls face. A few minutes go by and I hear some attempted yelping with a turkey call, I walk around the old outhouse and see Avery and her camoed out doll are sitting beside the tree in the front yard. They were facing the only field beside us, even though we pretty much live in town. It didn't bother her none that the neighbors were mowing and out all around us. She was sitting there, beside her baby, looking for a turkey and going to town on one of my pot calls!!! Her toy shotgun resting unsteadily in her lap. Gotta love it!!! I hope she doesn't grow out of it when she gets old enough to really do some serious hunting with me!!! God willing she stays this way!!!

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  2. I bet that girl has more fun fake hunting than most of us do real hunting . One of the best days I had in the woods this year deer hunting I didn't even see a deer . But the woods was on fire with the squirrels . They were chasing all around me like I have never seen in 40 years of hunting . I was really laughing out loud watching the show . It would have been great to of had a kid along that day .
    Your a blessed man B6 , soak up as much as you can now . Some day she will like boy's more than birds . LOL
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