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Wierdest fish caught at the wierdest times?

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After reading a post on TSS about catching fish at the wrong time, it got me thinking, what fish have you caught at the weirdest times? I mean like, catching a laker in the middle of summer in a river or catching a king in the river at the end of may or a LRB in August. Has this ever happened to anyone?
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This is a little off subject but I have caught clams in farm ponds while bass fishing using zoom lizzards. Once I even caught a bass about 10 in. long and a clam about 2 feet up from the hook, it weighed more than the bass.

Fishing for perch and walking around the edge of a farm pond a rather large frog popped up and hooked himself. Cast him out to pop him off and as soon as he hit water, still hooked, the largest big mouth ever taken swallowed him! 1962 as I recall Trimble Wildlife area Number 17 hollow off of Hunterdon Road:D
I was fishing in a farm pond. I baited my hook with a fish head and laid it down in the water, because my other rod was getting a bite. Them when i got back to the rod I picked it up and found a snake ate the fish head. Took a while to unhook but set it free. I know it's not a fish , but was kinda funny.
Fishing for muskie - I caught a 9 inch bass on a 10 inch suik lure. I don`t know if the bass was trying to eat the lure or have sex with it ?
I was fishing a farm pond, I have made several casts and didn't get anything so I moved about 30ft down the bank, on my first cast I caught about a 15 in largemouth, when I went to remove the hook, I found that he had about a 7 or 8 inch large mouth stuck in his throat, it had been in there awhile, it was partly decomposed and lodged in the back of his throat .. I carefully removed the hook and the smaller fish and sent him on his way.
While fishing for smallies in the scioto last year with a fly rod, I hooked into something big. It didn't make a big run, so I assumed it was a catfish. After about ten minutes of finessing the beast in, I found my woolybugger to be firmly implanted in the mouth of a paddlefish of about 15lbs.

Also, on a similar smallie trip to the olentangy this year, I wrangled in a 31" channel cat on a fly rod while fishing for smallies.

Anything that swims will eat a woolybugger, ...really
MattG; send me a couple of them wooly boogers! :D
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