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Why I'm Voting for Obama *PARODY*

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ohio mossy oak, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. Why I'm Voting for Obama *PARODY*

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  2. Outstanding,


  3. I am not an obama supporter, but I am also not an strict republican.

    I just cant get anything out of a video like this, way to one sided, and one could be made doing the exact same thing the other direct. Its always one guy did this, the other did that, its just bullshit.

    I dont trust any politician as far as I can spit, and if you do....I got some ocean front property in Arizona you can buy from me... pm me.
  4. It's only one sided because you believe there's only two sides.
    Obamney 2012

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  5. care to explain?

    I believe that it is all a crock, I think they all help each other out, they are all buddies, they vote for what makes them money or helps them out.

    You always here He voted against what he is promoting 5 years ago. Just seems like a bunch of ****.
  6. Yeah, this video isn't using facts...

    And I remember John McCain went on several news programs and blasted President Obama when he didn't push to keep troops in Iraq.
  7. Oh boy just stick to facts and common sense when voting.
  8. Actually Julie would/has make a video bashing eitherside of the evil 2 party system..The video said (parody) didnt it
    It isnt? Feel free to enlighten us about the truth..I see maybe one minor error
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  9. Stop the war on coal fire obama.... Save my job and my Familys lively hood...
  10. Is that first girl in the video on drugs and welfare??? No wonder shes voteing for obama...If you wanna quit your job live on welfare pop pills and have everything given to ya and let the hard working man pay for your lazy life style then go ahead and vote for obama....
  11. Lol it's the same girl
    I was thinking if you want to be one one of those on welfare the vote for Romney. Corporate America would love to get rid of middle class. It's funny how coal miners support republicans in the first place. Every republican in office now has done its best to outsource jobs and eliminate unions. I am not saying Obama is 100% right but damn if you don't think after Romney gets in office you won't be paying more for healthcare , being taxed more and take a pay cut then I think you been mislead!! Maybe you don't have a clue what kind of trickle affect would of happened if we lost the auto industry!! I get so sick of this healthcare crap too we need some sort of socialized healthcare. We are the only thriving nation that doesn't have a plan. We can't attract or keep business here in the USA because these companies don't want to pay high insurance premiums to workers. Don't you see what is happening. I know you are angry about this crap with coal but that's a battle for another day, for now we have to go for the lesser of the two evils
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  12. If you can't see it doesn't matter who gets (s)elected you're still asleep.
    The same corporations donate to both of them. They both have the same policies. Both voted or would vote for the NDAA, Patriot Act. more wars and bombings of other country's etc. National health care. Sure, they may differ on skin color, but that's about it. Wake up folks. Gary Johnson is 47 states tickets, but you probably have no clue who he is. Ask yourself why? Get out of the left/right paradigm.

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  13. Obama already made it clear that if he gets a second term that there will be no more coal in america... There for that puts me out of a job... With no coal production in america i can tell you now that your power bills will sky rocket not to mention put thousands of coal miners and companys that work in and around the mining industry out... Like power plants factorys that make parts and equiptment for mining out too.. Coal mines put millions of dollars into the economy every year... It not only puts miners out of jobs it puts thousands of other companys and people that do work in coal mines will also be out of jobs and go bankrupt... You gotta look at the big picture here it will ruin people lifes...Try going from makeing over a hundred thousand dollars a year loseing your job and haveing to go to a job that only pays a lousy 15 dollars an hour or less thats not going to pay your bills this day in age not with the cost of liveing on the rise....I'm tired of the liberals takeing my hard earnd tax money and giveing it to theses welfare bums that can work but are to lazy to work because it's easyier for them to get a free hand out...It's pretty bad when the low income welfare houseing people up the street from me drive past my house driveing 50 thousand dollar suvs and i'm driveing a reg old pick up truck... Whats that tell ya...Something is wrong here... And for my health insurance it's paid for 100% threw my company i pay nothing and i dont work in a union mine and never will...
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  14. No point in arguing people have there minds made up. Glad I spent 4 yrs in college. I should of been a coal miner
  15. I'm not even going to post on this thread again.. Because i can go on and on and on for days on this subject....I'm really here to talk about hunting not Politics... I really dont think there should be a place on this site for this... It's a touchy subject and only causes arguements...:)
  16. I spent four years in collage too... I have have a degree in geology and one in engineering...;)
  17. I agree I don't get on here for politics. Shouldn't even be allowed. If you want to talk about wetzel cty hunting or Belmont cty hunting I am all for it as I have a farm
    In both :)
  18. I own 376 acres in wetzel county out on american ridge and 88 acres here in belmont county out on rt.250...
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  19. Ok that's cool we got 350 acres by green acres. and 150 acres Off of rt 250. mine is actually in harrison though
  20. Well, I didn't even graduate high-school, but I can still spell college correctly.

    Dude, I had to. Don't be too bent. I'm laughing with you.

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