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Why Hunt Archery Season?

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by Basementdweller, Dec 20, 2002.

  1. So what is Archery season to you?

    Personally, in my teens and twenties I think it was mainly about the kill and the rack. I usually KILLED the first thing that crossed my path. Young and no patiences.

    Sometime in my late twentys it became less about the harvest and more about being out in the woods. My son and I go scouting for dem deeers as he puts it. Really it is about chasing chipmunks and salamanders. I now sit contently in my treestand in a long sleeve tshirt. Kinda nice not freezing. Absolutely nothing more relaxing. Being one with the tree for a couple of hours. Also it is nice watching a deer that isnt running for its life. In my opinion it is a much purer experience.

    The coolest thing this year was a humming bird used to visit me everytime I was in the stand. He would come and sit on the rail and whistle at me and tried to figure out what I was. Every day. Finally a week or so before it frosted he headed south, I guess?

    In a sentence. It is the peace and solitude of the woods, no phones, pagers, work or family.

    It sure beats the chaos that is gun season.
  2. In my game zone of South Carolina we don't have an archery only season. Our rifle season opens in August and runs until January 1st.

    The number one reason I bow hunt more than gun hunt is because I don't have access to property that the owners will allow gun hunting. This year I haven't even really desired to pick up my inline, shot gun or rifle.

    Personnally I enjoy the challenge of bowhunting. Any bow kill is alot more rewarding than any gun kill.


  3. archery season

    Hello basementdweller,
    You are exactly right, how can you enjoy the outdoors when everyone and their brothers out and the deer are running spastic? I love archery season because everything is natural,and there is no chaos. Gun season is mostly luck, where bow season uses more skill.
  4. The other day, while sitting 30 feet up, i passed the morning watching a cute little chipmunk running up and down a fallen tree.....i had to sit and smile as i watched him sit there knawing at a nut...right up to the point (unseen by me) a rather large horned owl, who had been enjoying the show right along with me....decided it was time for breakfast.....without a sound, he droped on that little quadrapead and took him to breakfast with him. :D
    Fun to watch to say the least...but what i think i enjoy dem big Ohio woodpeckers :)

    Stay safe,
  5. Theres nothin better!!

    Theres nothin better then going out with the crossbow opening morning....All the nature in the woods, hearing all the sounds and getting that big buck that youve been watching all summer:D
  6. Archery season is where it at for me also ! A couple of hours in the "wild" me, the wildlife and the possibility of maybe bagging a deer. It's kind of a therapy for me.
  7. Thanks fellas! I've been trying to get some good reasons for starting lto learn to use a cross bow with very little success. You see my vision is very poor and I place a lot of shot restriction on myself thereby limiting my opportunities. I was hopeful that I could get some good data on cross bow hunting to decide if it would be worthwhile for me to pursue it. (Don't worry, I can see well enough to distinguish a deer from a cow! Shoot, they even let me drive!!) "p
  8. As for my circumstances I see the archery only part of deer season as being out there when the acorns are falling and the leaves are turning.. The squirrels scampering around collecting and feeding,the geese and ducks as they fly over your stand makes a person feel at peace and closer with God.:cool:
  9. To me I like the bow season because it's just me & the woods. It's a spirtal time to get in the woods & see what the father has made for all of us. I can set in my blind & watch the wild life do it's thing. I fell good to be there & be part of the wild world. It's me & my equipment & my woods skills to the test. It's me & the deer. The meat is good too. But to me thats just the icing on the cake. Love to hunt with my xbow. Happy hunting, Be safe.:)
  10. I like archery season for 3 reasons:

    1. It is still somewhat warm out in the beginning
    2. You get to hunt the rut before the gun season
    3. You don't have to worry about getting shot if you move so much!

    I haven't shot a deer yet, and I've had many opportunities. Most of the deer I see are does or young. I would rather take a nice deer thats had the chance to live a bit.
  11. Nature: Being out of the house and waya from the rat race.

    Quiet: It's never quiet in the woods but no other noise is more peaceful

    No booms: No guns going off, no deer running past a mach 7

    Getting close: Any schmuck with a few trigger pulls can kill a deer with a gun out to 100 + yds. Having them feeding within 8 yds. is a thrill that's beyond words.

    Intimacy: My bow is an extension of me more than it is a weapon. After shooting all year I relish that one perfect shot without thought or hesitation.

    There are thousands of other reasons why but mostly, I simply live for it!
  12. My only complaint is that it is cold now....oh so cold.....
  13. ....and the unfortunate Mortgage and bills that make me work for a living and detract from the all important hunting time! :)
  14. Oh great and wise bow hunter; pleaze forgive this lowly gun hunter for the schmucking use of a fire arm. Now take your elitist attitude and stuff it up your kazoo! :mad:
  15. I dont suppose he is trying to be elitist......I feel the same way really. It is totally different being in the woods during early bow season. Quiet, the deer are unhurried and act much more natural. Too be real honest the bucks taste better now if you harvest. Not all rung out from the rut.

    You can close your eyes and listen to the silence that is the woods. The whisper of wings, the rustle of rodents in the leaves, the wind rustling the leaves and hopefully the odd twig break as your buck approaches. ahhhhhhhhhhh. relaxing just writing it.

    Nothing like being one with a tree for a couple of hours.
  16. You are probably right. I don't think that anyone really tries to be an elitist, snob, racist, or bigot; they just are. They tend to do it without thinking. It appears to be a learned trait that becomes as natural as breathing. Might be a real good idea to stop occasionally and check to see if one is breathing properly and maybe take a look at their attitude as well.
  17. The extended season mainly, the rut is on big time...And the deer are normal patterns unlike gun season
  18. I hunt with gun and bow. I have taken alot of deer, the majority of them with a gun. I enjoy gun season, but it can't compare to bow hunting. Bow hunting is far more challenging, and takes alot more skill and woodsmanship than you need to get a deer with a gun. That's not to say that you can't get lucky and shoot a deer with a bow, but to be a consistantly good bow hunter it takes alot of know-how. In gun season, however, you can be consistantly lucky.
    I don't remember an opening day of gun season where I didn't have a chance at a deer, and I always hunt the same public hunting area. Some of the deer that I've taken on opening day were deer that I had patterned when I was bow hunting and was able to get them before most of the shooting began. But after the first few hours of gun season, luck plays a major role.

    I'm not saying any schmuck can get a deer with a gun, but that schmuck has a far better chance in gun season.

    You can't accuse me of being an elitist, because like I said, I hunt with a gun and a bow.
  19. Ouch! Elitist? I've been called alot of 4 letter words that fit but that one don't. i don't throw rocks mostly 'cuz I live in a glass house... Sorry if the truth hurts or you feel inferior because you choose (I do say choose) not to bowhunt. IMHO you're missing out on some of the best experiences in life. The lack of boom, smoke, and recoil changed me forever. Schmuck was prolly a poor choice of wording on my part. Unless you are an extraordinary schmuck then please disregard and forgive....hahahahahaha

    I guess I could say nothing an still manage to pi$$ someone off! Get over it, life like deer season is too short!
  20. P.S. Like Chuck said "I hunt with Bow and Gun" also.

    Firearms hunter

    in that order!