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Why do you hunt Whitetails?

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by Stacker, Jan 23, 2003.

  1. Simply, what is it that causes you to hunt deer, honestly?

    I'm a conservationist, woodsman, hunter, big game hunter, small game hunter, bowhunter, firearm hunter. In that order! I hunt first for me, my primal urge to be a predator, I hunt second to keep in touch with the small part of my natural world that hasn't been turned into board ft. and newspaper. I hunt thirdly for the special flavor of meat that hasn't been bred out and steroid inflicted. Fourthly, I'm looking for that majestic beast that haunts my sleeping hrs. Lastly, I hunt because I'm still free to do so if I choose.

    How about you?
  2. I hunt whitetails because we don't have elk, mule deer, caribou, antelope, or moose in Ohio.

    The single most important factor of hunting to me today is the enjoyment of just being out in the woods away from the every day hassles of life. The kill is no longer of any real importance to me anymore like it was when I was younger.

    I don't hunt small game anymore just because I won't eat it so I won't kill it. I still enjoy deer meat and will kill a deer if we need some more meat but it gets harder to pull the trigger or let the arrow go every year.


  3. I agree, it used to be all about the harvest, now it's simply just being there. I thank God I'm still able to climb to my stand and pull the string .
  4. Just whitetails?

    Heck ill hunt Mule, blacktail too...i practice EOH (Equal oprotunity Hunting):D

    Ooops almost forgot my FAVORITE....Splittail:p
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  5. I guess why I do deer hunt is to be out there with all mother natures creatures. Getting away from the hassles of life and watch the woods just wake up in the mornings and see the animals move around without a care in the world. Fresh air, morning sun, and having my son with me...What else do you need.;)
  6. I hunt because it give me a chance to get outdoors and enjoy some of the many miracles the creator has blessed us with. It gives me time away from the headaches of work and sometimes home. It's great therapy just to get out, alone, and gather your thoughts. There's nothing like watching the sun come up over the next ridge from 25 ft up a tree on a crisp fall morning when the leaves are turning :cool: And heck, sometimes I even kill a deer ;) That's just a bonus.
  7. I hunt for many reasons. First would have to be to spend time with my dad. As some of you know, I play tennis, and I am good enough to play tennis with my mom now. My dad enjoys the outdoors and he introduced it to me. Now I enjoy hunting with him, as he taught me everything about it and I enjoy spending time with my parents. Second, it is a nice getaway from school, sports, and everything. Hunting to me is very relaxing. Third, I generally enojy the outdoors. I think it is really amazing to watch the deer, even if I'm not going to shoot. I like not being detected and being able to see the deer in their natural habits. Though I haven't killed one yet, I'm sure I will appreciate that too. Lastly, hunting gives me a sense of responsibility. My parents didn't let me hunt until I was 13. I think this enforced how serious hunting could be, and it showed me that my parents trusted me enough.
  8. I hunt whitetails, and just the last 2 yrs turkey. I live for the chase.I prefer to find a big buck and learn all I can about him.It took me 2 years to get my last buck, and looks like it will be at leased 2 this time too, as I din't get 1 this year, but found the buck I'm going to hunt now. Just being in the woods recharges my batteries. I look for reasons to be in the woods;)
  9. i guess mainly because they are there.if i lived in colorado i'd be hunting elk and mule deer.and if i lived in alaska...i like to hunt because its challenging and the natural thing to do.
  10. I gave up all hunting years ago...After I shot my first deer with a bow nothing else could come close to the challenge, and enjoyment of bowhunting deer..I also like to eat them:D
  11. I deer hunt because I enjoy being in the woods...I pretty much just bowhunt now and haven't taken a deer with a gun in 4 yrs. I love that feeling you get when you first spot a deer walking towards you and and feel satisfied when I let a small buck walk by at 10 yds totally unaware knowing I had em if I wanted em. Deer aren't the only reason I'm out there....just being in the woods and becoming part of it is the biggest reward...My fondest memory from this past season isn't the near PY buck I harvested or any of the 3 does but the evening I had 2 birds actually land on me and hop up my body like it was a tree trunk....
    I can't belive that after your archery harvest ya gave it up....I woulda thought the thrill of the bowkill woulda left ya wanting more....There gotta be something wrong with you;)
  12. less and less

    I love bow hunting deer, I put my heart and soul in it for last 15 years. I was lucky to spend many days a field in peace with good deer population. That’s why I deer hunt and all ever needed. Unfortunately I never reached my long-term goal to get one big enough to be proud to mount.

    Last year my bow hunting world changed, I was forced out of my traditional hunting grounds and forced to go public where I found more slobs than deer.

    With today’s state of bow hunting revolving around competition, pressure, money and no hunting signs I will be bow hunting very little.

    Over the last 10 years I never see any bird hunters grouse hunting in Southern Ohio on public land. I think I will try to get my fix that way. I always wanted a English Springer Spaniel gundog, but never could dedicate the time doing both bow hunting and bird hunting. Worst case I actually save money if have to hit bird hunting preserve a few times a season or take a trip to Iowa or S. Dakota. For me its way to relive the competition, pressure, money and no hunting signs.
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  13. Being outdoors does it for me...... does'nt matter if I'm sittin in a treestand trying to rattle in anice buck, sittin on Piedmont lake fisnin for saugeye, or trying to call in ole boss gobbler.

    Although I do hunt with a gun, bowhunting deer has always been my favorite. The shear enjoyment I get with the close contact with deer is unmatched. This year I pack a video camera early season and have good film of 2 6pts jousting within 20yds of my stand, coyotes, turkeys,etc. I don't emphasize killing as much as in past years and let a lot of smaller deer walk.

    Being part of my son's early hunts and being there when he killed his first deer and turkey has been the best times for me. It does'nt get any better than that guys!.....TF
  14. I would have to agree with all of you, I hunt for one thing, I enjoy the outdoors! I hunt fish, and camp when ever I can it don't mater when or were. I enjoy the pusuit, tring to out wit the critters. Sometimes I suceed most often I don't. But the hole experance is envigerating. When I first started to hunt I was with my Dad, so it was OUR time no sisters or anything. Then as the years weent on it became atrdition.
    Now I choose to hunt most animals that i would eat, with two exceptions, yotes and crows. To all: enjoy it for what ever reason YOU CHOOSE
  15. Hunting

    I hunt because I love being out in the woods. There's nothing better than being up in your stand on a fall morning waiting and observing. It gives me time to reflect and just have some quiet time in the best place in the world. You can't beat it!

  16. Hunting

    I hunt because I love being out in the woods. There's nothing better than being up in your stand on a fall morning waiting and observing. It gives me time to reflect and just have some quiet time in the best place in the world. You can't beat it!

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