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Why do the Amish hunt public land?

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Why do the Amish hunt public land ? I thought that they all owned farms or something along that line.

I seen more Amish hunters on public land than I have pine trees the past 5 years.

This is perplexing to me, can someone educate me on this.:bonk:
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I've seen em have 20 deer piled up. There's always at least 1 that drives a big van to haul em around. Last year there was a camp of them on neighbors property.... Everyone of em was " bowhunting" I ran into one in the woods with a remington 700 bolt action, I kicked him off the private ground. He repeatedly said he was just squirrel hunting. Couple days later I heard a number of rifles going off, went to investigate and said they was coyote hunting. I told landowner and I talked to him later that night, he said they done packed up camp n left. So I'm a Amish hater.
I though the Amish didn't wear orange:D
Hahah ain't you guys just hilarious there's only 14 there. That was the most we have ever killed.
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