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Why are you staying??

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Why do you think your staying at this site?
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To exchange info about the things I like to do and make more friends.;)
Re: Why do you think your staying at this site?

.. staying ?? ~ Not! .. but it now is on my home page daily surf list .. I've enjoyed the MB so far ~ kinda like a refreshin' breeze out on da lake on a Hot Summer Day!;)

One more for da Goodie bag till da ~~~~~ gets soft & da Beater I-Boat hits da ~~~~~:eek: :cool:

Just don't let WC have a off-line fit :rolleyes: :p

:p :p ~ BeBob
Because it's a site that provides local info.We have the same interests in the same vacinity.
And like Erie said,refreshing.
cuz Erie is still on here, gotta keep up with him, when the ice is gone I am fishin and eatin Lee's chicken in the beater I-boat.

Also, I enjoy the people and the information shared.

I am staying here because I want to see this site grow, pick up tips that might help in michigan waters, have that little fishing contest, and maybe meet a few of you like I have on MS.
The best reason for all to stay active here is the sharing of knowledge about Ohio.
Information rules.;)
I'm staying cause I think it is really cool that is is more of a local thing here. So the discussions and all are more oriented to my interest, or what is easier for me to do.
I `m stayin for the waterfowl forum. and the fact that Bill_gfish and gettinjiggy are here. lol

Why am I staying?

To find out all the deep dark secrets of the Ohio state fairs' infamous BUTTER COW, of course! :D
Might as well chat about huntin' and fishin' when you can't be doin' it.
The interacton between hunters and fishermen, and most you meet on the forums are sportsman!
One other thing , I am a internet junkie, if I am not working or fishing I am online.:D
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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