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Who's planning Trips?

Discussion in 'Ohio Waterfowl Hunting' started by QuackCocaine, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. Anyone planning on going anywhere special to duck or goose hunt? Out of state, or even out of country?

    I've got a trip to Oklahoma and Arkansas planned. This will be our first year to Oklahoma, I hope it lives up to its hype! Arkansas is always our favorite place to go, nothing like a good flooded timber hunt.

    Curious to see if anyone else has any trips planned. Or, if you aren't planning a trip, where's your dream hunt?
  2. Here's a little clip of some ducks coming into the timber. I recorded this last season, on my i-Kam Xtreme sunglasses. Quality isn't all that good, but not bad for a pair of sunglasses!:coolgleamA:
    Enjoy! (I hope!)

  3. Nothing really special, brother got drawn for pickeral opening day, other than that probably stay in state and local. Usually go up and hunt around the erie marshes a couple times a yr though.
  4. No trips planned. Always wanted to do a flooded timber hunt in Arkansas though. I think that would be about as sweet as duck hunting gets. I also recently looked into some layout hunts in the chesapeke bay. Looked pretty cool and quite a bit different than any hunting I get to do around here. Someday!!
  5. Ya that's on my list of places to go as well.
    I would have to say my dream hunt would be in Alaska, for Harlequins.
  6. Two trips, One hunt near Mackinac Island and my yearly venture to Stuttgart. My buddy owns a club in Stuttgart, great food, great people, great fun. Last year however, was a flooded mess!!!!
  7. Nice. We belong to a club near Aubrey (Lee Co.). Had one goose hunt in Stuttgart once, it's a great area. What time of year do you head down there?
  8. We typically head down for the opener of the second split (some years late November, but as of recent beginning of December). My buddy is actually on the waterfowl committee and he helps to vote the dates. Our club borders the Bayou Meto in Lonoke County.

    Did you goose hunt with a guide? If so, let me guess Hoot Gibson?
  9. It was a guide so to speak, and I don't think that's what his name was. This guy's name came up from us asking around, he had some fields, we paid him, hunted his field (well not his, he leased them). Wasn't a great hunt but it was fun ( wasn't intended to be a goose hunt but kinda turned into that).

    We've hunted Bayou Meto a few times. I don't know the area as well as my dad does, but we can see a club from one of the ditches we run. Not sure if that's you guys, I forget the name of the place we put in at. Is your club timber or rice?
  10. We are straight timber. But truthfully, so many clubs exist around the Meto it's hard to say. Our club is on one side of the big ditch and our sister club is on the other. The funny thing is, it takes us 10 min by boat to get to the other club, but 60 min by vehicle!!
  11. Fish Point MI

    Fish Point in Unionville, MI. Going for a full week this year staying in a my travel trailer and I can’t wait.
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  12. Not going anywhere this year but my past dream hunts have been Walpole and Lake Nipissing - both fabulous and not too far to drive. Maybe next year? Good luck to other travelling duck hunters.
  13. Sagninaw Bay new Fish Point. PRobably hit Shiawassee SGA while I am up there to get at least one duck bingo hunt in. Then, headed down to Georgia for either a waterfowl or quail hunt. All depends on what the duck numbers are like. Even if there are a lot of ducks, its hard to beat the old style quail hunt on horseback for the day.