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Who's going to make the 2003 C.A.G. events for Ohio this year?

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species Fishing' started by Flatheadmaniac, Jan 8, 2003.

  1. I have worked out my secd. and will attend the get-together rrbski's putting on Feb. the 8th..

    Also the C.A.G./G.F.O. outtings i will only miss two of them(June & Aug.), the rest i will be there from friday-sunday for each one.

    Anyone making thier own baits? if so what are you going to try this year for carp?

    Im going to be lost for awhile during these first outtings as i have a new full set of gear that has'nt seen water yet and i am not used to yet either...should be one heck of a learing

    As far as baits for me, im going to each outting prepared for anything...last year at the East Harbor outting i got skunked hard setting next to Bob & Richie..but thats ok, i learned a heck of a lot and had lots of fun. They were doing very well with Packbaits..which of course i didnt have with me, this year im going to have a few different kinds just incase ;) .

    Also i have made up and froze some of my own boilies(but i need MORE), i have a big 50lb bag of maise ready to be boiled prepared with some flavors(im going to try to bring atleast 4-5 different flavors of corn to each outting) which ones im not sure yet?
    Rigs..well ive tied up a bunch already using some different hook styles like the D-rig hook for "pop-ups", plus im trying to get a bunch of different types of hook links together to try out.
    I m going to add a few new things to my tackle bag to try this year, one is floating baits with natural cork floats(have heard of some big carp taking by other C.A.G. members using this method up at East Harbor after the outting last year).

    Bob(rrbski) what can i add to my boilie mix to get them to float for "pop-ups"????

    I still have some gear to buy for carpin, mostly a shelter for those cold windy days like last year at East Harbor, plus those rainy days i know we will see during the summer outtings, plus those really hot days with no shade around.

    Also Bob im making up a very nice tri-pod that we can use to weigh fish on..will be high enough so that many kinds of weigh sacks can be used, plus strong enough to hold even your big fish for each outting;)

    I would like to get my own weigh sack and landing net..and maybe a nice cart to haul my gear around when moving spots..other than that im set for a long season of carping .
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  2. I hope to make it to all of them for at least one day out of the weekend. Never can tell what my schedule is going to be though. Depends a little on the weather, too. Definately going to try to fish the whole weekend at both the SW and central outings since they're my "home" waters. Should be at the Feb. get-together as well.

    My plan is to have the old stand-by baits on hand -- sweet corn and wheaties. Definately going to have at least one type of packbait (just hope I can cast without flinging it off by then :rolleyes: ). I'm also going to prepare and use maize this year, so we'll see how that goes. Don't know if I'll get around to making my own boilies or not. Seems to be a bit of an art form, and I don't know if I'd have enough confidence in mine to stick with them. I'd probably be better off refining my maize (and sampling some boilies of other carpers :D ). Then there's the oddball doughbait concoctions I've always got with me. Usually use those when nothing else seems to work. At the very least I'll feed the fish a wide variety of meals.

    Hope to see a good turnout.

  3. CW..LOL

    I hear ya man...I'll probably be Bobs net guy again and watching other catch

    Where is the SW one being held?
    How about the central? it at buckeye lake?(hope so..good fishing there for carp)

    Bobs going to be hating me again this season as i always send him e-mails about carpin tricks he knows.
    He is also a bait making artist for sure...i try and try to make my boilies come out looking perfect and smelling as strong as his..but:(
    I also want his opinion on the variety of flavors that guys like us can find on the store shelf.(whats good, what to stay away from).
    I hear ya on the pack baits..Bob was very nice enough to let me use some of his pack bait last year, i couldnt cast that stuff for nothing(was my first time using it) so i stopped felt bad wasting it:(
    I really liked using the maise after Bob explained where to buy it and how to prepare it..i had some great success on it and iyts like using boilies as it doesnt come off the "hair" after each fish is caught..only ned to rejuice it in some "dip" after each catch.
    And at like $6 per 50lbs is very cheap and easy to prepare and the amount of flavors you can add to it is endless.

    Hope to meet ya again at the Feb. 8th get together ans see ya at the the Catking coming with you?
    Tell him i said Hi,
  4. Looks like the SW one is going to be at Stonelick Lake. It's a small, electric only lake close to where I lived before moving up here. It's loaded with carp, has a lot of great bank access, and receives very little pressure. Catking and I recommended this lake as we've fished it a lot. (He'll definately be at that one, and probably some of the others as well). I don't think Bob's decided on where to hold the central outing yet.
  5. I may try to make the SW, if I am not working..Not much chance of that however.
  6. STONELICK ?????

    Awesome big Carp lake and a fine Choice, Im sitting very close to that lake as I type this , so I will have to try to make that outing and learn a thing or two about Carpin' ................When abouts is this Outing planned for????
  7. Me too

    I think I'll try some events. I'm going to have to coax Bob to fish some of my spots to train me !;) Brookville from the boat ?:confused:
  8. Hey guys, where is stone lic located? I would like to get to all the get togethers I can this year. Don't know crap about carp fishin. Will I be a bother to you carp guys asking all kinds of questions and getting help. Might have to search on how to do the boilies and the maze baits. This will be carpin through the ice outing huh, might be a prob. cuz I don't have ice gear that would catch a carp. Oh well, might get there anyway.

  9. Stonelick

    Its easy to find .................Just East Cincinnati a bit.................If you are a first time Carper, dont worry about Boillies or any of that stuff.......(for now).............Just bring a box of Wheaties and some Garlic salt.....thats one Carp Bait that always works !!!.....................

    Stonelick will give up a few Carp that day.

  10. ICE !!!

    Hang on here a minute............Who said anything about ICE? LOL I think the Stonelick outing they are speaking of will be in like June or another warm month................Maybe Im wrong but that would be my guess. :D :D
  11. Bill

    Thats what these outtings are all about..getting anglers together to help promote carp fishing , teach others about this great fish, meet new friends and have fun.
    Trust me if asking questions was a would have made Bob and some of the other C.A.G. members mad by now..these guys are great..not like other species hunters, these guys give up a ton of knowlege.;)
    Also you dont need all the Euro gear and baits to fish these outtings either..just bring what ya got along with your own favorite carp catching baits.
    If you havent ever fished with guys like the C.A.G.'ll learn a LOT, trust me.
    See ya all there.
    Also you can find out all the dates and places sced. at either the GFO carp forum , the C.A.G. home page or on Bobs carping web site.
  12. Pop Up boilies....

    Scott...couple ways to do this.

    1) Without doing anything to your mix....instead of boiling...microwave them. Put 10 or so on a saucer....set microwave for 2 minutes and check to see if done...check one to see if floats. Microwave another 30 seconds...test...30 more seconds...etc....til you find out how long it takes for your particular mix and size boilie. You want to microwave as long as you can without any burning. Makes for a longer floating boilie.

    2) Get some cork balls from wackerbaits...mold your mix around the ball...and boil.

    3) Put in frying oil...keep them moving til done and no burning.

    Pop Ups are normally just used as hook the night before I fish with them I put a few in a container and add additional couple drops of flavor and sweetener...let soak you've got a "high" attract bait. Don't do this with any of the boilies that you "chum"...this will turn the fish off the bait.
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