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whos goin to the SUPER BOWL

Discussion in 'Deer Camp Talk' started by Q2XL, Jan 12, 2003.

  1. who do you guys pick for the super pick is the BUCS against the RAIDERS. GO RAIDERS::)

  2. Tampa-Oakland....winner Tampa!
  3. i say OAKLAND wins it.
  4. eagles they aint goin to make it past the tampa bay bucs!!!!!:cool:
  5. Raiders Vs. The Eagles ...... The Raiders Win
  6. Ray ray ray dont count my bucs out they are going to take it all.
  7. I agree with Ray, Eagles vs. Oakland. Not that tampa isn't good but I have to go with the Eagles because they are at home and they have the Bucs number there. As far as the Super Bowl, I have to go with Oakland. To many weapons and a good enough defense to stop whoever they are facing. Nobody else has that good of an offense to beat Oaklands defense
  8. Bucs do we will see what happens,Bucs verses tenn.bucs win superbowl 28-14
  9. Your reaching now! I bet your saying Go, Go Gadget Arm huh?
  10. TENNESSEE aint got a chance in you know where to beat the RAIDERS.HECK THEY WERE IN THE WEAKEST DIVISION IN THE LEAGUE THIS YEAR AND ONLY WON CAUSE THE REFS COULDNT SEE.come on and wake up and come back to reality people RAIDERS all the way...
  11. Hay Hay Hay Oakland all the Way

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  12. Yea ..... what Rick said!!!!

    Oakland Raiders go to the Super Bowl and WIN IT!!!!


    Tampa has a suspect passing game and a non-existent rushing game. The game will be dominated by the Raiders, hence, the Lombardi trophy!
  13. The Bucs couldn't even beat my weak Steelers on Monday night!!!!!!!!!! Ouch, that one hurt didn't it! :rolleyes:
  14. That would be sweet for the Raiders to win after Gruden left and would be even better if he were on the other end of it!
  15. if it isn't the raiders it will be the EAGLES
  16. what about the bucs dont think they got a chance or what.they better hope if they win sunday that the titans win cause if they face the RAIDERS in the super bowl they will be picked apart !!!!!!!
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