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Who is planning to go Elk hunting

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by Aimrite, Jan 17, 2003.

  1. Man, the first time out in the mountians was a total learning expierence for me. We packed in and setu up a bivy/base camp to hunt out of. Some of the roughes terrain That you cant explain only expierence. I cant wait to get back and hope to come home with an Elk this time.

    Some things I learned id like to share;
    You got to be in very good shape good shape,
    Cant play around with altitude sickness it can really bite you. Rolaids didnt work for me. A guy in my camp used Diamox worked well for him

    Anybody else starting plan there trips?
  2. No elk ,but CARIBOU hunting trip.cold weather (someday)
    Sounds like you had one heck of a time, keep at it you will score someday,sometime the experience is worth more than the kill.

  3. elk


    Did you score a bull?

    I have a thread "Elk Tactics" that I put out there for this very reason. I am planning to apply to CO for this year. I doubt that we get drawn for this year, but we are planning to go.

    What is altitude sickness? Thanks for the pharma tip to help it.

    I am starting to work out now in preparation (won't hurt to drop a few pounds anyway!).

    I am going to sight in and start shooting my model 70 .375 H&H. Can't wait...smooth gun.

    Any more tips about the camp setup?
  4. Nope

    I went for archery, and dont gun hunt. I saw bulls and Elk regularly. I would say I am in a above average area. If this is your first time Elk hunting I wouldnt be picky. Elk hunting is a ehole new ballgame.

    Altitude sickness is nothing to mess around with and anybody is susceptible to it.
    Here is an excellent Elk hunting link.

    Last year I was walking 3.5 miles a day for months in hilly terrain and thought I was in good shape for hunt. I did some hill work too. Man was I wrong.
    Find few hills steep enough you almost have to go up on all fours. Build you endurance and balance going up and down.
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  5. i am planning to go this year. i have mule deer hunted one time in colo.Self guided on a primitive area. I was on my own,packed in about 2 miles and set up camp.I could have got 3 shots at muly does at less than 20 yds.I also got 100 yds from an elk.i seen a couple elk again but they seen me first.i carried a howard hill 50# longbow with cedars tipped with grizzlies.Was pretty accurrate to 30 yds with this combo but wanted a shot at a buck at 20yds.never happened but the hunt was great,9 days in the wilderness in mid sept. at 11,000ft.
  6. i'm planning on a rifle hunt this fall in sw colorado.
    i had a real good break happen to me yesterday.a friend of my older brother has lived out there since 1971 and knows several ranchers.i called him up and asked if he could possibly get us permission to hunt on private land.he said that it would be no problem.he told me that a good friend of his would be happy to let us hunt his ranch.all i need to do is get back in touch with him to tell him which season we will be hunting and he's gonna set it up for us.
    i absolutely couldn't believe it!!!! my luck usually doesn't run that good.
    it should be a good trip.we're gonna set up camp,do all of our own cooking.if i can swing it i'm gonna try to get out there several days before season to do some scouting and get acclimated to the altitude.
    can't wait for this weather to crack.i ordered a new shooting vise from cabelas today to help with sighting in my rifle.
  7. wow it can't get any better than that.
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