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Who has the best camp????

Discussion in 'Deer Camp Talk' started by rjolenic, Dec 20, 2002.

  1. I think that our camp has the best of everything. We camp every year for the past ten years at Lake Hope and hunt Zaleski State Forest. Where do the rest of you guys set up for deer camp? Do you think you have a better spot that we should try???? Thoughts, suggestions or ideas anyone?
  2. We have the best spot Zalaski state park ever heard of it and we know the secret spots, I guess that we will have to come off those spots next year when we join into one big camp:D

  3. you got that right caribou.we got the hot spot.and will be willin to share it with hoytme and the rest of his gang
  4. sharing is fun ... isn't it? Seriously though, I have no idea how some people manage to have success at Zaleski. The terrain is some of the toughest you will find. Some of the places I see trucks parked I wonder how those guys are hunting the area.
  5. Trust me ray it took us about 5 -6 years to figure it out and still haven't figured it all out but i think we are narrowing it down will share some of the major secrets this year at camp.It hard hunting down there but very very very fun.I think we might of found something new this year that works very well for that area
  6. My family and I spent a week at Lake Hope 2 years ago during fall turkey. Had a blast. Although I missed a shot on a doe we made great memories. We will do it again someday.
    I plan on doing the primative campground there also. Camping is great fun.
  7. Hey caribou,

    I talked to bodoodle about "the spot" and it soiunds good to me, bring it on??? My question is, how many people now about it and if they are there hunting it, what do we do??? I hate walking in on other hunters!

  8. Best Little Deer Camp In Ohio

    We will have the best Deer camp this year because we have two new cooks. Call 1-800 EAT-Good for reservations:)
  9. We are now taking reservations for all meals right Q2? This year's menu will consist of venison, duck, goose, squirrel, rabbit, phesant, perch and walleye dishes. It looks to be a very promising menu!

    Chef Ray
  10. Who will be supplying all of this wild game anyway. I could probably get the Geese, Pheasant & Rabbit if nobody else can. I have a buddy that is a big time goose hunter. He use to work for Southern Game Calls, so he should be able to hook me up on some geese.
  11. Oh crap!!!
    I forgot, if everyone comes that has been invited there is going to have to be alot of food. Are you two prepared for that many people? We will have to designate a couple vehicles as "chuck wagons"!!!
  12. You know Spitfire

    Out of the 200 possible deer camp comers only 5 will show up. As long as Im breathing I will be one of the five.:)
  13. You better be there this year! I know I will be.
  14. yea there DEAR HUNTER you had best not let us down this year .we will have lots of dishes for you to do
  15. Hocking county. Girlfriends uncle has a house with the woods 20' from the back door. Deer were coming up into the yard in the night......ALL the way up to the house!
  16. To heck with lobster, i'm talking about marinaded deer chops over the fire! Man does that sound good.
  17. Deer chops will be on the menu ,Hay you need to post a pic of those chops on the grill so everybody can see how good they looked.
  18. I would if I could! Why don't you bring that scanner over here that you don't use so I can. Bring that digital camera while your at it, you don't use it either.