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Who else is addicted

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to Turkey Hunting?

I am for sure. I spend my spring in Morgan County at Wolf Creek. Love to camp at the primative campground and walk out to chase the gobblers and smell the dogwoods blooming.
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Never done it, but plan to this next season.
Im addicted

Ive gotten one the last 2 years. I hunt in Morrow County. Its a blast.
I'm addicted badly!!!

I have got one the last 3 years. I love camping out there and being in the woods as the world wakes up around you. It's great. I hunt down on my families 150 acre farm. But I take invites to hunt with you and I'll return them with a hunt.
turkey addiction

Turkey hunting is an awesome addreniline rush.I have been hunting gobblers since 1989, when you had to send in for a permit, and only a certain number of permits were issued. I still get the same heart pounding exitement I did when I took my first gobbler. You learn more each year that you hunt.
Thanks true deerhunter, when you think you got them figured out they do something out of the blue to mess you up.
Yep they sure can teach a man some humilty for sure.
Haven't bagged one yet, but there has been several days in Tar Hollow that I saw more Turkeys than Grouse.:rolleyes:
Drop me a line Dale, if you want to chase some Michigan birds this spring.
Trout, I would love to come up that way and get a bird.;)
I haven't ever hunted them but I have heard that they are smart as heck and there senses are incredibly keen. You wouldn't think it lookin at them.

Thats true bill. most people see them when they are driving or walking around and think they could hunt them very easy. but then try to hunt them and find out it just ain't what they thought.

I wouldn't say I'm addicted but have a fairly good fever! I've been chasing them for about 9 years now. I got a 20#lb 9 1/2" beard 1" spur bird my first year and nothing since. A few VERY close calls though. I started hunting private land this past year for the first time ever and I can't wait till next year, birds are everywhere!
I love to hunt the turkey spring & fall can't get enough of them. Love them birds.:D
I'm a spring turkey hunting addict for sure!! Besides spring turkey hunting, bowhunting for deer comes in at a distant second!!;)
try bowhunting for turkey.. Its a challenge!!!!!
Already have.....:eek:

I am extremely happy with the new fall archery season we just had. Didn't get a shot but chasing em is the fun anayways.;)

They are slowly becomming my favorite thing to hunt. No one around me hunts for them which means someone has to get them lol. Everytime I think I have them figured out the show up in a different part of the property. :)

Love it. I got lucky enough to get 5 in three years. Just the smells of things around you. Grouse drumming. morels popping up. Birds singing.The fishing is great.:D ticks:eek: mosqitoes:eek:
I am addicted. I go every weekend in turkey season. Last year was the closest I've gotten in 3 years of hunting, but now I have it down and look forward to getting one this year.
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