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This is a Perception Amp whitewater kayak.Great kayak all around river play boat. I landed alot of good smallies and hog catfish paddling the rivers with this thing.

This is a extremely cool river kayak, very light and short fits in a short bed easily. Its orange and red streaked . I used it on the Maumee,Huron,Carp,Youghigheny in PA., St Marys in the UP, and on inland lakes. It makes getting to your spot alot easier without tripping andfalling on slimy rocks in a river. Its a great class 5 river kayak actually and worked great on the class 3 rapids in Penn. Its solid thick tough super-linear polyethylene not weak fiberglass and meant to be bounced off of boulders at 20 mph.Poke boat shaped. Length: 7'10 ft Width: 24.5 in. double-laminated walls for strength. Solid boat some scrathes on bottom but in good condition, ready for alot of wear and boucing off rocks and huge waves.
With spray skirt , adjustable cushion backrest seat, drain plug,
adjustable thigh braces, drink holder, and a rod holder. I could hold 2 little tackle boxes and my lunh and rod and reel in it .Im 5-11 and 160. If your taller than 6-2 It might be too small for you if
not youlle have a great time.I live in Toledo and can meet up half way.Ask for pics if I dont have them posted soon.
Brand new it was 900,00 but since I bought it at a great deal I can also pass it on.
Ill throw in a dozen of my best flies and a dozen spinners that I make.


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