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white deer mount

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by itsalifestyle1984, Sep 21, 2012.

  1. Never seen one like that but heated lots of stories of albinos, seen a antlered pie bald doe a few years back but never an albino congrats

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  2. this isnt a albino its a white deer doesnt have red eyes there brown well atleast thats what i have read and have been told but thanks for the comment
  3. Yes an albino has pink eyes and nose and hooves. White deer just have white fur.
  4. Yup.

    Both are rare, id gladly shoot either one.

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  5. My bad but either way nice deer

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  6. very nice...i passed on a lil spike had prolly enough length spike to be a legal i just couldnt use a tag on was 15 yds.for awhile...i think it was the 1st deer camp i saw it...never seen it again but some forest workers seen it the following the same spot sayin it was a small 6 point...seen it about 400 yds. from the camp...i often wonder what happened to it...usually something real big or unusual is big talk around there...but i've never heard anythang about it bein kilt...:D
  7. this girl had it alll but the red eyes but the taxidermy decided he didnt like the nose and the huff being white and pink was very unhappy but he claims he going to fix it so we will see