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Where to practice in Columbus?

Discussion in 'Ohio Bowhunting' started by KVandy, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. I live in west columbus and I'm at a loss for where to practice shooting. I had been going to A1 Archery in Hilliard, but I heard they closed down...(is that true?)

    I've been shooting in a small patch of woods behind my apartment complex...what kind of trouble could I get in, if any, for practicing within city limits?

    Where can you shoot in Columbus?
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    KVandy, I live in Hilliard also. I shot my bow a few times along the Scioto near the frisbee course before it opened again but was told by the police that I couldn't shoot in city limits. I shoot some in my backyard but its only about a 25 yard shot. The closest place that I know of is at Delaware lake. There is an archery range there.
    Wheres the A1 archery in Hilliard at? Never heard of it before.

  3. 4190 Weaver Court, Hilliard, OH

    I was told it's shut down and every time I call it just keeps ringing...
  4. Where to shoot in Columbus

    A1 did close down. I was a regular there as well. For right now I go down to Deer Creek. It's closer than Delaware and it is well maintained. But the good news is that another indoor range is going to open around September 15th in Southeast Columbus just off Alum Creek Dr. It's called Velocity Archery Range and from what I have heard from the owners and seen in the pictures they have posted to Facebook, It's going to be a lot better than A1 was. They have a 20 yard range, An elevated 25 yard range, A kids range and a 40 yard range! I plan to be there opening day. Not having anywhere here in town to shoot has been driving me Crazy! I'm putting links to there web page and there Facebook page for anyone who is interested. I want to get the word out about this place so that, hopefully, they have plenty of business and can stick around a very long time!



  5. I may have to check this place out. Not far from there at all. Wonder what the cost is going to be?
  6. Same here..Im 50min away,but I would still be willing to go there an shoot..
  7. I know it sounds funny, but I shoot from my screened in back porch. My target is in a bush in the back yard however I move it around time to time to increase the distance. My yard is fenced in but an arrow could go through the fence without a problem. Have to be careful. I lay a 4 by 8 sheet of plywood against the fence went I shoot. I don't think anyone around me cares if I shoot but I try not to push it. :shhh:

  8. I don't know what Velocity's rates will be. I just sent a message asking and as soon as I find out I'll post them here.
  9. I'm very interested in Velocity. I spend a few days a week working down in groveport so i may be taking some lunchtime trips when it opens

    I shoot in city limits quite a bit. What would happen if someone did call the cops on me? what kind of charges are we talking here?
  10. The first time they usually give you a warning but they can fine you several hundred dollars and multiple offenses can lead to jail time. But most important of all is that they can seize your equipment!
  11. That's what I was afraid of...Id rather not be forced into buying a new bow (no matter how nice a new one could be)
  12. Talk to your neighbors get a feeling for how they feel about hunting. Keep your shooting to early or late. Never when the neighbors are out.
    Mine don't mind me shooting. I still never let them see me shooting.
  13. I shoot out of sight of my neighbors back in a stretch of woods that butts up to a quarry, but i have to walk down there with all my stuff...

    I live in a large apartment complex so avoiding people seeing me walk in there is tough.

    I'll figure something out. Thanks for all the responses though.
  14. apache bowhunters has a club in has been there for a thousand years not like these places in one day/closed the next...has a full sized 3 d course...practice range and did have an elevated platform with sand pit...not sure but it might have a indoor range now...:D
  15. I just heard from the guys at Velocity Archery Range and the range fee's will be between $8-$9 and hour and a flat $5 to use there workshop to do your own bow work.
  16. Doin some research and found a place called fox's archery that will be/might be already open in pataskala. Full service gun shop dealer and archery pro shop. They are brand new, so info is kinda scarce

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  17. I called the number on the website a few weeks ago and was told that they won't open until they get their Federal Firearms License and the have to wait for BATFE to approve it. So they have no idea when they will be able to open! They said it should be sometime soon but no definite date.
  18. I also live in a new apartment complex in Hilliard. Actually I am just outside of the city limits. I just moved into the apartment this summer. I would like to practice shooting my bow a few days a week somewhere near by but don't know where to go.....
    Anyone have suggestions or a piece of land/backyard that I could team up and practice with you?

  19. Yea i talked to the guy a couple weeks back and he said was hoping to have it open soon. Sounds like it will be a nice setup once its done
  20. Deer creek is the only place I know of right now but Hopefully Velocity Archery Range will be opening soon
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