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Where it all started

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by buck_slayer, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. Hey guys and gals, just figured it would be fun to tell some stories about your best memories in the field .

    I remember about 8 years ago my dad took me youth hunting, it was one of the worst possible days to go, the wind was just screaming and just rained. We went out to where my pappy grew up, but I couldn't tell if the difference between the old foundation and it being an over grown pasture field. We sat on this log for almost 3 hrs and then it began to hail. Dad really wanted to go but he stayed because I was so excited and he knew i had been waiting a long time to go, he works a lot and doesn't have to much spare time but he took me we he had the chances. Well anyways we sat there and sat some more. Then dad pulled out a can call. The one that had the Beatty buck on it. He prolly turned it over 2 dozen times. And we was hiding from the weather under a big tree at this time, we couldn't hear a thing but the next thing I remember I turn around and there's the biggest buck I'd ever seen at 5 yds. I remember the thing scared me to death and he was walking right past us with his nose on the ground. All I said was dad theres a deer!! He said shoot and as soon as the gun hit my shoulder that buck was on the ground . 141 3/8..10 pt and even though he's not the biggest on the wall he's one of my favorites, he weighed close to 300 lbs.

    Thanks for reading just been thinking bout that hunt lately. Anyone else got a story to share?

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  2. Great story man!!! Felt like I was there!!

  3. Biggest one on the wall?

    Im pretty sure every man on this site would consider a 140 class deer coming in at near 300 pounds an absolute trophy. Good job!

    My favorite thing about deer season on this site is reading the stories. I like the pictures too, but I would rather see pics of a 120 with a great story than pics of a 160 with no story.

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  4. Thanks, yeh he's a defiantly A brute.

    I know you guys love pics so here he is and a few others.

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