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Where is everyone from?

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by Ðe§perado™, Dec 13, 2002.

  1. Just wants to know where everyone is from? I'm from Pataskala, just east of Columbus.
  2. location

    I'm from Toledo Oh

  3. I'm in Michigan, but I have family in Troy, Ohio.
  4. I am from Toledo.
    Capt`n Dwayne
    WalleyeWiz Guide Service:D
  5. Delphos Ohio here.
  6. Meigs county 13 mile nouth west of Pomoroy. Down on the farm. Happy holidays:D
  7. Lance

    Lance Super Mod Mod

    home is..

    I'm in Akron.
  8. I'm from Tecumseh,Mi....just up the road a little;) .
  9. Dearborn Heights, Mi
  10. Galion, OH. But on weekends, you can find me just about anywhere there is water :D
  11. The lovely city of Akron here.

  12. Athens! Home of the annual OU Haloween rio..., errr, party! :p
  13. Just outside of a small town, 6 miles north of Grand Rapids OH and 6 miles south of Swanton OH


    No traffic lights, but we do have a stop sign.