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Where are the bigguns?!

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by nis1, Sep 19, 2012.

  1. I was interested in what some of you guys that use trail cameras a little more extensively think about this. I just started with the whole trail camera deal this year and have had 3 cameras running about non stop for a month. I hunt an 80 acre farm thats half corn and half woods/swamp (part of it is swampy in the spring but usually dries out with warmer weather). I know there are big bucks there, I've seen several monsters and a lot of nice ones throughout the last few years but the best I've gotten on my cameras are a couple 2 1/2's with a boat load of 1 1/2's. WHERE ARE THE BIG ONES?! I know a lot of people have the big bucks move off into a new area once season starts, does that mean if they arent on my property now I should have a better chance of seeing them soon? Theres tons of does so I know theyll be bucks all over once november gets here but I'm dying for some pictures of a nice buck. Any ideas as to whats going on or maybe a better camera set up? I have one on what we call the right away which is a lane through the woods from a 10 acre corn fieldon top of a hill down to a 30 acre corn field down in the bottom, Another is at an intersection where a couple good trails come together, and the third on on a hump near one of my stands where deer like to hang out because they can see danger coming from anywhere. I had one down in the lower sorta swampy area for a while and all I was getting there were does too.
  2. At this point in the year, find the primary scrapes on your property, the ones that are in the same place every year. Put your cameras on them, try to face them to the north to avoid the sun washing out some of your pix.. You should quickly find out what's on your property.

  3. Also look for acorns. White oaks are the best! Big bucks will be in there early mornings and at night feeding. I have been seeing lots of good rubs right under the oak trees!
  4. This would be where to look this time of year. Favorite food, water, a place to bed close by. Why roam around when you have everything you want right where you are? You find this location, you are gold. When the rut kicks in all that is out the window. The big boys will roam around like a Sailor shore leave.

  5. I have been running my cams on trails leading to and from food sources. Probably check them Saturday. Once I find the first primary scrapes I will move to them.
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  6. My issue is that there's a neighbor that's a problem. There's an amazing scrape on a path that is down in the bottom but he likes to think he owns the property so I'm concerned that he might have his way with my camera.

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  7. Sounds to me like they are staying on neighboring land. Pre-rut you start seeing them when they start traveling and cruising. Keep the does close.
  8. I see what you mean about the neighbor. Sad to say it, but even if your camera is on your lot the guy could still mess with it.

    Think I would look for the trail leading to that scrap and put your cam there.

  9. The last 3 years I could only get a decent buck on camera during November. My neighbor would have 6 to 8 bucks 130"'s or better. This year I have 6 or 8 bucks 130"'s or better and he has 1. Sometimes they are in the vicinity, just not in front of your cameras.