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When's the best time to start calling

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It's my second year out hunting gobblers. What the best time of day to starting calling them in?
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As soon as they're off the roost. Just don't over call.
Oh boy . Where to start .

First recommendation, it easier to call birds to somewhere they are going or wanna be already . Almost impossible to call em to where they dont wanna go . Set up is key .

Don't overcall. Call once or twice while they are in the tree . Hit em harder once they fly down.

It's tough calling birds back to where they've already been . If they are moving get in front of them.

If they are excited get excited back....but patience kills another of birds . If they don't come roaring in back off and wait .

There's lots more , but usevthis as a starting point .
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts