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When's enough really enough

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by buck_slayer, Sep 19, 2012.

  1. Ok guys I've been hanging stands back in the honey holes, I have 4 stands and a ground blind some of which are within 150 yds of each other. I plan on putting up a few more, just let me say this is only one ridge I have 3 more to cover. Here's a pic whats u guys think. Red is stands, green is fields, pink sanctuarys, orange mineral sites and yellow fielder, the brown is the ridge line and it has steep banks that was clear cut in the bottom 7 years back.

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  2. Are you on top or the bottom of the ridge? That makes a difference.

    Not bad to have stands/blinds within 150 yds of each other, good for hunting the wind and keeping things in your favor.

    Sounds like you have this area covered. Just pay attention when you're going in and out of your stands not to leave scent and to not educate the deer of your patterns. Just like you learn the deer patterns, it doesn't take much for them to learn yours.

  3. On top of the ridge, it's almost straight down to the bottom.

    Appreciate the advice on being easy on the way in and out, I've jumped a lot of deer in the past so that's why I have plenty if options keep the wind in my favor

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