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When are ya going to start cattin this year?

Discussion in 'Ohio Catfish Anglers' started by flathunter, Jan 7, 2003.

  1. I hope beyond hope for a mild, and dry spring..If that is the case, I should be getting on some Channels by late march, and start hitting the Flatheads hard by late april...That is with a mild spring...If it is anything like the last two years, I might as well wait on september, after the monsoon season
  2. Well, looks like I've got the last week of March free, so I'm planning on doing quite a bit of fishing then. If the weather doesn't cooperate here, I might even plan a little road trip. Should be able to get into some carp and channel cats somewhere.

  3. as soon as there is enough open water and I can find some shad. Bait has been hard to come by this last fall and winter.

  4. Only about 65 days to go............two months sounds a little better:eek:
  5. Jack

    I say if all goes as NORMAL weather mid march i'll be hitying channel cats pretty good.
    For flatheads most years it was mid april on the ohio for prespawn channels starting to move... mid may close to home for flatheads.
  6. Hi Flathunter

    Who stopped Cattin? LOL Look at mr feesh Ohio and his November beauty

    Check this out, I belong to a club and our lake is loaded with BIG blues.............My personal best this fall was 36lb.......anyway, these babies never really stop biting..........We fish for them all winter long.....the action does slow down, but just last week a buddy got a 24 pound beauty on a trout head...............the lake is rather large , you just have to get the bait in the creek channels for when they move out to feed a bit.

    Flatties and channel action slows alot..........June is our best month for the monster flats.............Rivers and creeks? Location is your key............ Probably head back in late April and get some of the Hungry ones.

  7. I belong to a club too. Fishing it is a bit of a challenge. Walking is a must to get a way from the other guys. Once your bait is in place it could result in a monster flattie or huge channel cat.

    Actually it's not a club....just one of my favorite rivers in one of the most productive areas!:cool:
  8. A club is a club

    No matter how small or large...............If it makes fishing or getting together better, its a good thing............

    we actually have 3 lakes on our property, the two smaller lakes are panfish / Bass, plus we have the "baithole" a pond with Goldfish etc............It never makes it thru hard winters..........Its cool , we are a Non profit organization with a few hundred members that all own equal shares of the property........Its a great getway..............But thats off topic.............I may have to try for a Blue this weekend to post up on me fired up !!! LOL
  9. Cattin

    Next week 1-13-03 the ice should be off the Brown if the wind will get up and going about 15-20 knots it will turn those Sumo pigs on, add some sunshine and I will be a happy man.........Doc
  10. I heard it was supposed to be highs in the mid 20's next week?
  11. I never stop

    My last day last year was 12-29-02 and my first time this year was 4 days ( Sat - Tues) in a row and yesterday( Thurs) too !
    Here's a log in the Ohio River late in the afternoon. Hard to tell from the picture, but it's right in the middle, lucky for us, we were on anchor when it hit, not under full throttle. It was about 18" diameter, and 6-7 feet long ! That's why I sometimes say the river isn't for everyone. It's a dangerous place, especially in high water & cold water conditions.

  12. Doctor

    You be sure to let me know when CJ has that fast bite. I want to do it too !!:)
  13. Mr Fish

    Will do, looks like it may get too cold this week the lake will freeze back up with the cold temps and heavy winds........Doc
  14. CJ Brown

    Well no fishing on the brown this week, just got back from the lake all froze up about an inch thick, that's twice now that the lake has froze over boy that is going to put a hurt on the Shad, there going to be all stressed out, the fishin is going to be great when it clears off the lake...........Doc
  15. I'm ready

    My boat stays gassed up & ready to roll........;) In less than 1/2 hour I can be pulling out the driveway. Just remove the cover, grab some bait from the cooler. Doc, we could just take my boat too, if you prefer, not a problem. I know you got your's snowed on a few times last year.:p
  16. I usually start channel cating around late april......seems like as long as the water is clear i catch them
  17. i usually hit it bigtime in july and august.bass fishing takes my time in the early spring.