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What's your whitetail workout?

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by cowboyruggee, Jan 5, 2016.

  1. I train in the gym relentlessly so I can be in peak physical condition so that when the opportunity arises, I'm ready. I also train because it helps me reduce sweating and causing human odor.
    I train at a 24 hr gym. Starting Monday is a 1/2 mile incline treadmill. And a chest and arms workout. Anywhere from 75-100 reps pertaining to each muscle group.

    Tues is all legs. 1 mile slight incline jog. Followed by 1 hour or squats, single leg dumbbell hamstring bends. Heavy weighted calf raises. Lunges, quad/ham extensions etc. followed by 1/2 mile incline walk.

    Wednesday is back and shoulders. Start w 1/2 mile incline walk. Mid weight military press. Heavy rows. Deadlifts increasing weight by 90lbs each set. Sets of 10-15. Lat pulls 150lb 10 reps/3 sets. Lots of shoulders and upper back lifts to increase bow draw strength. Follow up with a 1 mile jog.
    Rest day then back at it. Each day I do about 6-9 sets of various ab exercises. Each lift is a little different. Some days heavy some days light weight. But when the time comes I'm ready.!!!
    What's your routine?
  2. I drink beer and tell stories. If you see me at the gym, I'll be the guy in the parking lot eating a burger.
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  3. I start mine on Fridays at 4:00 with 12oz curls for about 4hrs then rest on Sat. for about 12hrs take Sunday off and go back to work on Monday. Under that regime when the time comes I'm fully rested and ready for whatever comes my way!!!! Anybody else????

  4. LOL!!!! LOL!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!! Good one dude!!!!!!!
  5. Giles, is that a form of cross-training???
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  6. I started preparing 12 years ago when I had my first boy. He's ready to take over the reigns on everything from cutting wood to dragging deer. I'm in charge of beer drinking and chair sitting. Every job needs a foreman.
  7. Its called an atv or deer cart! I will say after killing a decent body buck 1 mile in wnf Marietta unit and basically having to drag it myself I knew I needed to get into shape. My solution to that was not going back there anymore. Lol.
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  8. Im with Giles on this...

    I follow the deer's lead, bucks eat like crazy before the season to put on weight for to get through the rut. I do the same, take an extra slice of pizza, order a bigger steak, go XL on the value meal. :evil:

    Then I can skip lunch, and get off earlier to get in the stand. Plus, I stay warmer.:coolgleam
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  9. Good post man ! I worked my butt off last year to go from around 315 to 265. Bench, squat , DL, OHP and HITT cardio. Rinse and repeat.

    My primary reason was to get in shape for river kayak fishing which I do a lot of. It helped my deer hunting tremendously as well. The better physical shape we are in the more we can enjoy ourselves in the out doors !

    OP sounds like your routine is pretty intense... What's your max lifts in the Big3?
  10. Cut firewood in the summertime work a 40 hour a week mechanic job crawling up on semi trucks under them and getting up off the floor keeps me somewhat limber I get up in the morning drink coffee go sit on the throne for awhile every morning and get ready for my day
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  11. I tried that. Then at 20 he moved away for school and met a gal and never returned. To this day I rib him about all the work I put in getting him ready and then he bails on me.
  12. that's precisely the reason I had a 2nd boy 3 years ago. :D Great results start with great planning. :D
  13. I'm a believer. I work out pretty often, (run and HIIT) mostly for just overall health. But being in shape has great benefits in the outdoors.
  14. I average 10.8 miles a day and 37 stories. I don't know what average people do a day and I'm sure I could make time to go, but....
  15. Sounds to me like you are pumping your muscles full of cortisol but if you are not going the body building route I guess that is okay.
    I used to do bodybuilding routines and that kept me in great physical shape which my old job demanded for my safety and made my deer seasons enjoyable. Jim Stoppani is a weight lifting genius if you are after body development.
    After letting myself go the last few years I started at a 24 hr gym that is overrun with fat women who bounce from one machine to the next, they don't have bench press or squat racks just the Jimmy Struthers Smith Machine (which is a great pass time watching jack wagons hurt their backs on).
    My body is a far cry from what is used to be so I've been doing the Bizzy workout to hopefully drop some lbs quick to relieve some of the stress that added weight puts on the joints. Being fat during deer season SUCKS! The sweat, creaking treestands, painful deer drags, joint and back pain sitting in the cold. Kudos to you keeping in physical condition and bringing this issue up to other hunters.
    I did a crash course diet and elliptical training a few weeks before gun season preparing for the hills down south and I was glad I did. Next year I hope to be down to my old fightin weight so my stands don't creak and I don't sweat my face off walking to my stands. This season has been rough on my back and knees especially on all day sits, Aleve has been my friend.
  16. Maggie

    Maggie Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    My husband and I want...well, I mostly want to, but he's going to tag do a DIY elk hunt. I joined a gym called Orange Theory. It's group fitness using cross training techniques. I do A LOT of walking and running at maximum incline on the treadmill. Rowing is a big part of the workout as well as incorporating hand weights/medicine ball/planks/burpees/and some other crazy stuff that usually kicks my butt.
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  17. I'm not a big guy. 5'7 200lbs. Max bench is 225. Max squat 285. Max deadlift 315
  18. At 40 I play 30 baseball games a year around 10 soccer games a year and I also own a small grounds care business. I work with the guys not just send them out.... Add that to splitting 4+ cords a year with a maul.. All while eating bad and drinking beer!!

    That 800+ yard drag wasn't to bad this year.

    I stopped but I also coached two soccer teams for years and I was a interactive coach...

    How ever you do it, staying in good shape a +.. Its best for hunting and all around life.. Something for the younger guys: if you never slow down you never grow But in reality is you get lazy for a few years you chance of injury goes you big time. Usually when you try to do something you use to do but haven't for a year or two....
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  19. How ever you do it, staying in good shape a +.. It best for hunting and all around life.. Something g for the younger guys: if you never slow down you never grow But in reality is you get lazy for a few years you chance of injury goes you big time. Usually when you try to do something you use to do but
    X2. Living proof