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What's your favorite?

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by BottomBouncer, Jan 9, 2003.

  1. Game to eat and what do you like to make out of it?

    I like using ground deer to make sausage out of.......Mmmm....gravy and biscuits! And jerky:eek: :)
  2. Moose Tenderloin, no finer meat on this planet! Sear it on a redhot gas grille, then slow roast it until it melts in your mouth. Whitetail is good that way too but the taste just doesn't compare. Now, ya done gone and made me hungry....

  3. Ever had rabbit pot pie? YUM:eek:

    Never had moose before..........sounds good
  4. I would have to go with vension BACKSTRAP or vensino butterfly chop followed closely by shrewed goose.
  5. Venison tenderloin, fried..venison burger, fried:D
  6. I'm thinkin' skewered. And I hope I'm right.
  7. Im gonna have to say venison backstrap. But i do have to admit i havent had many wild game. I wouldnt mind trying moose. I heard Caribou aint bad either.
  8. I can't pick... if I shoot it I eat it and its always the best at that time :D
  9. Whitetail deer german sausage links and sausage paddies...TEXAS STYLE.They know how to do it in Texas.
  10. Fried rabbit. Then maybe venison backstraps.

    How do you make sasauge out of ground venison?
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  11. I would have to say venison tenderloin. Coming in a close second would be baked pheasant wrapped in bacon.
  12. I can't really tell you how to make the sausage. All I really do is take the ground meat and add spices.....some how I always managed to get it to taste like breakfast sausage.......

    I use sage, crushed red peppers, regular pepper, salt.....can't remember all the spices.....been a long time.

    Another question.....what's backstrap?
  13. I haven't really had that much venison though we do have some here at the house. I sure do like that turkey on Thanksgiving though, so right now I'd say turkey!
  14. Dove Brest, I love the things. Soak them in Italian salad dressing for about 1 or 2 hours, wrap a slice of bacon around them and cook them on the outdoor grill. No need to cook them to death, them little birds is already dead.
  15. Venison Chilly....mmmm mmmmm good;)
  16. I like whitetail tenderloin, but day-in and day-out I really like whitetail venison chili or a venison burger with onions, horseradish, green peppers and a shot of blue-cheese dressing, a slice of tomato, and a dab of relish.
  17. after all these years and trying alot of different game,everything from rattlesnake to elk,i still would rather sit down to fried squirrel,greenbeans,mashed potatoes w/gravy and biscuits than i would any other game meal.
  18. How do you fry your squirrel? Bread crumbs? Homemade stuff?

    I've never had it fried.....sounds pretty good though? Maybe put some cajun seasons in with the breading:eek:
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