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Whats your favorite month to catfish?

Discussion in 'Ohio Catfish Anglers' started by flathunter, Dec 18, 2002.

  1. Mine would be October, followed closely by may and early june.

    Please promote the future of Catfishing, and practice catch and release!
  2. hey Jackster

    If i had to pick only ONE id say Sept. most years produces most of my biggest fish..and biggest numbers consistantly.
    Oct. is also a great month.
    I prefer the fall bite over the spring bite, just because seems most yrs anymore the darn floods ruin the good fishing.

    Yea buddy Catch & Release is the only way to fly for me..i release everything BUT bait!

  3. October was GOOD to me !

    I caught several nice fish over 30# in Oct. Funny how the sizes jumped. In Aug they were running in the teens, Sept caught several in the 20's and then Oct busted alot of fish in the 30's. Landed 3 over 30 in one day. Caught this flathead on the 17th at 31 lb 4 oz then another one 4 days later that weighed 4 oz more !
    Of course Nov. 10th I caught my fish of a lifetime too. I think Nov. would've produced some larger fish, but the river conditions worked against us. Also I lost a few nice ones in Oct. so I guess I'd say that was the best month this year......Jim
  4. I would like to add that I think July, with the spawn is the worst month of any of the spring , summer and fall monthes....Heck I could probably catch more Channels in January than I can in July......Hey Scott remember last june-29 at Pike Island???? Man was it hot, and NOT a very good time:(
  5. i sure do remember

    but i did have fun anyway.
    Was great to meet up with you & Rhonda, plus Catking, CW & Mr. Seevers. Just wish it was a little cooler..then we might have caught something?
    Yea june & july for me is other species time like wadin for smallies and catching carp during the evenings. With the majority of the cats spawning then its not a god fishing time for me.

    Usually a typical season for me is Jan-march is cold water smallies, then april starts pre-spawn smallies & whitebass, plus the channel cats start to run to the dams. I fish for them 3 until mid-may then try to get some flatheads from then til they go on the spawn in june-july..i then start my carp fishing and smallie wadin , til the flatheads stop spawning ...then its night fishing for flatheads, morning wadin for smallies. in sept. i go full out on flatheads til they shut off in oct. also daytime fishing for everything else(whitebass, hybrids, ect.) then in Nov. i go back to smallies til Dec.
    All that depends on weather and water levels through out the season.
  6. Got another fish posted

    I sent it to In-Fisherman (click) go to Region 1 & Bluecatfish , also have one there from a few years ago, Region 1 -stripers, it's actually a 14# 2 oz Hybrid Striper- that's their error, I gave then the correct info .....:eek:
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  7. Cats

    My best luck in my secret spot is JUNE, late june.......I have consistantly nailed the big ones in late June................................Flatheads that is.


    They always bite..........Seems like the big boys hit yearround, thats whats nice about Blues. NEVER know when the big one will come. Could be sweatin' or freezin'
  8. April

    I would have to say my favorite cat month is April into May.. Thats when I just catch a ton of them :) I also like Oct and Nov depending on weather patterns for the year.
  9. For channels cats, early March or when ever ice out happens. I caught several nice fish last year around that time. This year will be even better!!!!!
    For flatties, all summer through September is pretty good.