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Discussion in 'Cold Water Species Fishing' started by Gunrod, Jan 1, 2003.

  1. I see no one posted in this forum for almost two days. Is it that steelhead/trout fishing isn't popular in Ohio? Or is it that the fish just aren't there right now? Or is the forum just full of hunters and warm water fisherman right now?

    Just curious....:confused:
  2. Rivers are BLOWN way out. I fished monday morning in the rain and landed one small one at the V. I drove an hour in the rain to the river and fished while the 6 inches of snow melted and 2+ inches of rain fell. Lets just say it was wet and the river was near flodd stage by noon.

    Things should get interesting barring any really cold snaps.


  3. well i've had some bad luck with the puter but the weather has been the main factor like jason stated.rivers and criks are all up,way up and muddy.And with the looks of the longterm forecast,they will freeze before they are fishable(with flies anyway)
  4. I was just curious. I spend most of my time on the parent site Until the recent ice, it seems to be the most popular forum with the deer hunting forum. I was wondering if cold water fishing was as popular in Ohio or if the conditions just didn't warrant talking about it. With good ice the icefishing forum seems to be the most popular now and the cold water isn't receiving much attention with the fish holding in the big lakes.

    My question has been answered. Thanks....
  5. Lance

    Lance Super Mod Mod

    Ohio water

    I think overall the warmwater forum will probaby be the number one guy down here. We just don't have that many watersheds that hold up to the summer temps, lake or stream. As far as right now goes though. The rivers are pretty much trashed from the run-off so it's a waiting game. The Ohio rivers really take a beating to run-off compared to the Northern MI rivers. We don't have all the sand and marshes feeding the rivers to cushion us from the spikes. I know some of the rivers will mud up and rise up there like the Rifle but most are a little more stable.
  6. Yeah, I see there is more posting on the cold water fishing. Like I said, I was just curious. I don't specifically target warm water fish like I do the cold water fish but can see where everyone would enjoy it. I've really gotten hooked on ice fishing this winter. I can't seem to stay away from the lakes with the good ice we are having.