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What's the biggest fish you guys got while bowfishing??

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Also what you got out of state too. ;)
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My biggest fish are as follows:

37 lb. Buffalo sucker (36 lbs.14 oz. close enough to 37)
52" gar (In Ga.)
2 lb. white sucker
27 lb. common carp( In Ga.)
10 lb. Mirror carp

But looking to try to beat them every year.;)
Arrow1 I got that Buffalo up near Galena in Hoover. It seems I only see them up maybe a few weeks a year.
I have shoot two together before. When I seen a bunch feeding on roots and I was walking down the bank and the only shot I had was across them. I was trying to get three at once ,but never did it.;)
Do you get them mostly wading or in a boat?
I bowfish there and Hoover all the time. We'll hook up this year and go.;) and bring Cb with us.
I have too. Also lots of the land owners around there tell me to get them all. :D Seeing all those woman laying out too. ;)
I wish I could go with you!! Sounds like your going to have a blast!;)
I checked my mail and they didn't come. Send them again.
I got them and those are the biggest shad I have ever seen in my life. The carp were nice too. I see you were using your Oneida. Great job!!! How big of an area where you in?
I just might have to take a road trip up your way to get a few.;)
1 - 11 of 30 Posts
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