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What's the biggest fish you guys got while bowfishing??

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Also what you got out of state too. ;)
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1.)15 pounds and something cant remember shot last year 14lbs 12 oz two years ago and tons of 10lbs.
2.) no gar yet
3.)no grassy yet
Whats the most fish shot at one time, one arrow

Ok guys i have to brag alittle about this but have any of yuo shot two fish at the same time.
I spotted this one carp rolling on the bank and was kicking alot of mud up so i was waiting for the perfect shot.When the shot finally came i took the shot and the carp just sat there did not move, man the stunk then when i started to bring my line in there were two carp, one pass thru the other stuck right in the head of the other could not belive it.I had no idea that the second carp was under the first one.unblelievable first time for me.
Sounds like you guys are doing good on the doulbles and triples keep us posted on any good succes this year.Good luck ohioguy if you get out go get the first one of the year.:D
Ohoiguy sounds like you nocked them dead way to go.I'm going to have to give it a try here soon, Everything is still frozen here though.
1 - 4 of 30 Posts
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